Artventures: the artistic adventures.
I came across this word very randomly. Perhaps it was a google search or something else. I've been loving it ever since. My own ways in arts have been going pretty well these days. This is exactly why this word is so relatable. Today, I am sharing a little summary of my artventures that include two notebooks, a journal, and an inspiration wall.
I love the concept of an inspiration wall/mood board. I have done quite a few inspiration walls in mood board-ish styles as I don't want to hang a board on my wall just yet. Out of all walls I have decorated in the past, this one has become my favorite. It's so ME (well, the old were "so ME" too, but it's, even more, ME). I even blogged about an old inspiration wall.
It's a constant work in progress. Actually, it's always going to be a constant work in progress. I want to keep adding new stuff to it as I grow more and not restrict it on some old posters or stale quotes. Currently, Blair Waldorf, pinks, and cool quotes rule it. Maybe it will be all black and white someday. Or all colors. Inspiration comes from different and unexpected ways, so I want it to be as flexible and reflective as I truly am! Hey, isn't it why they are for? *insert smirk emojis here*

My friend Fatima sent this lovely notebook and greeting card with her stunning henna design on it. She's such a fab henna artist and runs a small stationery biz based in England. You can check it out on Made By Fatima.
I have only started using it a day before, but I am already so in love it. Nothing can beat the excitement of a blank-paged notebook, which basically means so many opportunities to write, doodle, and paint. I can't wait to fill it.
It's one of my habits to start a new notebook/journal/anything with my name written on the first page. I used to do in my diaries back in junior school. From there, it never went away. If I don't write my name on the first page, it doesn't look like it's mine. Wheez!!!!

My good ole fatty art journal. I use it mostly for lettering, quotes, and bits of visual arts. Since it started as a writing journal, I pretty much use it the same way. The page above was a themed one (for #OhJournalEtc) for Fandom and of course, I had to choose Blair Waldorf. She's my ultimate inspiration, imaginary bestie, and 24/7 support system. Isn't it like, fandoms keep us up and going?

This notebook has got to be my favorite one. I doodled its cover that you can see here. I use it for random doodles and writing down my favorite quotes.

So that's the wrap-up for my little treasure of artworks aka artventures. I wanted to write about them in one post to, like, unite them or something. I will keep posting all the new works in future posts and separately for each one. You can follow me on Instagram and Snapchat to keep up with all the work (yeah I am making it sound like a cool behind-the-scenes pass something).

Do you keep a journal, too? Or have you been working on any creative project? Lezzz hear it!

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