A Lyric, A Thought: Victory is Contagious

I take my music very seriously. It's like I love contemplating over every single lyric of my favorite songs and molding them into a real life situation where it might come handy. My music playlists are largely based on television music, so the scenes are pretty familiar. But when they're not, I make sure they can be. Wink.
"Victory is contagious."

This lyric is from Lorde's song Glory and Gore. I already love this song and happened to have made an art journal page on that. But this particular lyric is far more interesting than the rest of the song, at least for me.

The victory CAN be contagious. Have you ever felt like having a boost of motivation after you watch your favorite motivational speaker or finishing a TED talk (all of them are so wonderful)? This is how I can describe this lyric best.The urge to do something good after seeing someone else's victory is not unfamiliar to anyone of us. Or least I'm hoping it isn't. So I don't feel crap as it does happen to me often. The desire to accomplish something because you have seen the daughter of your neighbor got straight A's is real. And it's good that you're motivated.
(just because it's a thoughtful sorta post, I decided to add a thoughtful sorta mirror selfie)

Take it in a good or bad way, the victory really is contagious. It's inspiring how someone's accomplishment can push all of us to do something of our own. It doesn't have to be out of envy of course. This is how it goes! Boom.

The reason I chose this lyric is because I firmly believe that a big or little accomplishment of my own or someone I know can motivate a whole bunch of people. 'Cause the victory is contagious *read it in Lorde's voice, it's a challenge*

If you're a winner, be ready to spread this wildfire of victory. Because it's contagious anyways.

Do you have any favorite lyrics that make you think stuff like this?

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