Weekend Playlist: New Jams

Happy weekend!
I have been listening to a lot of new music lately, thanks to all the television shows and playlists I come across every day. My old playlist was going stale with the lack of songs, so I set out to search for new ones.
I was watching Teen Wolf the other day and the songs in each episode were epic. Seriously, MTV always put the best soundtracks in its shows. So, I googled the artists and listened to all the songs that came up. Narrowing down a ton of songs into a playlist is one hard work. I pulled three songs out of it that have been on repeat now.

These are the five new songs that graced my playlist for the weekend:

When It Comes To Us by Frances ft. RitualBloodsport ’15 by Raleigh Ritchie & Find My Way Back by Eric Arjes are from Teen Wolf. They perfectly fit in the episodes and I was surprised how good they were to listen other than in the show. Eric Arjes song played in the background when an emotional and terrifying scene was going on [Stiles saving Lydia from the evil Valack, I was breathless] and I knew I HAD to search this song.

When Pillowtalk came out, I didn't like it. In fact, I thought the music video was gross and I would never return to listen to it ever again. This song appeared EVERYWHERE. Literally. My friends, friends of their friends, everyone else and their grandma was listening to this track. I don't know why I randomly played it one evening while doing my accounting assignment and kept playing it until my ears bleed (almost!). Since then, it has become a favorite of mine. Weird, yikes!

Lorde's Team is a wonderful song and an absolute delight to listen to. Mysterious tunes in her songs always captivate me. It was my twin sister who introduced me to her music. I have been a loyal fan ever since.

So what are you listening to these days? I won't be surprised if your playlist includes Pillowtalk cos, hashtag struggles, you know.

PS: It's #SocialBloggers chat tonight (6 PM GMT) on Twitter. So make sure you join to chat with other bloggers. I promise it will be fun. Wink.
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