The Last Day of My College

It was the last day of my college.

Two years passed by in the blink of an eye. It's probably because high school took forever to finish or maybe this experience was a lot more rewarding than anything else I have ever had in the "real" world of grown-ups. I had been looking forward to seeing the end of this glorious period of my academic life from the very start of 2016, but now that it has finally happened, I am nostalgic.

College wasn't just another institution. Each morning, I woke up to experience something new and thought-provoking. It's not like it was too easy all the time. I still remember the freshmen year that came with the horrors of economics and business math. This year, commercial geography and history seemed to be the relatives of economics and doubled my struggles with these kinds of subjects. Though I had started liking economics by the end of the year, I still despise commercial geography.
The only class I had always been excited about was Accounting's. There's something about preparing transactions and recording them in a chronical order that makes me immensely happy. I keep my own account precisely recorded, which is exactly why doing the accounts questions never bothered me.

I like two rules of math: multiply & addition. You can roll your eyes on this very business-student-like-statement, but it's the truth. Divison and subtraction decrease the asset's value, so it's safe to say I truly despise them both. After the 8th grade, I had given up on my skills of mathematics and decided to get a major in something else that wouldn't involve selling my soul to the questions like buying 1000 apples to divide between 0.97567 people. Well, this isn't a standard question, but they are often equally pointless like this one. College's business math was a lot better and, to some extent, fun. I owe it to my b math class.
The understanding of all the subjects truly depends on the abilities of a student. It varies for everyone. The most important thing out of all is the will to keep going on, no matter whatever waits ahead.

The diversity in kinds of people I met in college was incredible. There were so many students from different departments who had interesting stories to tell and often helped me out of difficult or boring situations. It never mattered whether they were from my own department (the blue department - Commerce) or not.
My own girl squad, that you can see in the photo above, was not any less. 
From left to right: my best friend Areeba K. [she shares the name with my twin sister Areeba], a beautiful soul who always helped me cheer up throughout these years / Ruhama, a talented hooman bean (pls, it means human being in the cool kid language) who would DIY wonderful props, solve almost every problem with her infinite bravery and play so many sports / the red hair girl that's me, over ambitious and forever hustling / Anousha, a beautiful person who laughs a lot and make others laugh, too / Yusra, the hardworking athlete and an absolutely hilarious person / Fiza, not-so-ordinary homegirl who can make things happen, one way or another. With such wonderful friends around me, I couldn't get more happy.

Now that my college has ended, I am unnecessarily worrying about the final examinations and dreaming about the university. But in the whirlwind of such worries, I am trying to focus on one thing: gratitude.
I was so privileged to go to one of the best women colleges in the city. I'm grateful for all the opportunities I got to avail, people I got to meet, friends I made, things I learned about, and everything else that came along.

Everything comes to an end. So did my college days. I tried my best to make the best out of them. I probably didn't do the absolute best. But I did everything I could do. There's a long way to go in practical life, but this phase would never ever lose its essence and impact it has on me.
Dear college, you were amazing!

How were your college days?

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