Tech Love: Brainwavz Omega Earphones Review

The tech junkie in me is squealing with happiness as I write this post. I might not be the tech-est techie out there, but I love to know about new gadgets and tech products out there. Earphones top the list in my area of interest.
When Brainwavz sent me Omega Earphones* for a review, I knew they were going to be an interesting product. I have already used their S0 Earphones (you can read the review here) and was looking forward to trying these from the range.
They came in this cool packaging, a plastic-like product box, wrapped in a huge bubble wrapping that looked adorable. The Brainwavz guys are pretty generous when it comes to handing out extra accessories and stuff. They come with extra ear tips, which I am very grateful about since I am always losing mine and end up tossing the earphones out in complete dismay. A shirt clip and another pack of foam ear tips. They have a warranty of 24 months (woohoo!) so there's a little chance of disappointment, you see!

Khair, let's get back to the review:
Since I just mentioned how less of an actual techie I am, you can check them specifications of the product on their website. I can rave on about my own experience in peace now.

The earphones have amazing sound, FO REAL! The bass and tunes are well set. I prefer my music in the highest of volume and no noise from outside, so these earphones proved to be such a treat. They come with a controller that makes it easier to change songs or receive calls right from the earphones. The last pair I used didn't have this option and it annoyed me to no end. WHY WOULD YOU NOT PUT A CONTROLLER ON IT? Can you feel me on this one?
I noticed how delicate they were when I first took them out of the box. I can just hope they won't break or loosen easily. 

I have been listening to my playlist with these earphones and except that my head hurts after listening to all of them for so long now, the beats are making me happier. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: Brainwavz Omega Earphones*cost $15. With a price and quality like this, they are totally a steal. I have always splurged on my Apple earphones just to see them malfunctioned within a short span of time, so these earphones do look like a ray of hope for the serious music junkies who want to listen to music straight out of their personal gadgets without the fear of spending too much on something not worth it. 
I would rate it a 4.5/5

I also did a small review on my Snapchat before writing this post. You can view it on my Snapchat (username: noorunnahar) till 11 AM GMT and it will vanish after that. 

What's your favorite kind of tech stuff? Are you, too, obsessed with earphones and gadgets?

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DISCLAIMER: I was sent this product for an honest review. It is not sponsored. The views expressed are my own, after using the product myself. Read my disclaimer policy for a better understanding.

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