Sketching Boundaries For Personal Style

I have been thinking a lot about personal styles these days. It seems like everyone I come across every day possesses a distinctive style that reflects the person that they are. Let it be any kind of style; clothing, reading choices, social media usage, and even in writing.  It's such an interesting thing to witness and analyze (no, not scientific kind of analyzation).

Figuring out my own style has been a fun journey. Let's shed some light on it:
I consider myself as a creative soul, so I make sure that everything I do reflects that well. I love colors, lots of bright colors, minimalism, and somehow a clean & executive-like style.

I incorporate all of these aspects in my daily life. I have had red dip-dyed hair for almost two years now and I plan to keep them for the rest of 2016, too. It's the perfect indication of the adoration of colors I have in my heart. Though I am afraid how red hair seems to take over my personality and if I ever change them into something else, it might feel like betraying my own style. But I believe styles can transform over the time and as we grow old, our styles mature. I wouldn't want them when I am 30 or older, so the late teenage years are certainly the best time to rock them. Sketching boundaries for personal style shouldn't be difficult. It can evolve with the time, so you don't have to feel obligated to keep following your style when it's not necessary or doesn't feel good anymore.
All the clothes I wear are typically Pakistani with the bits of Western pieces. I just love the variations Pakistani fashion has and it covers both religious and traditional values. I respect these two values so much and don't want to get out of it for the sake of any trend. Yas!

When it come to photography, my main focus is always to get the brightest photos with a pop of color and indulgence of sunshine, if it's possible and available. My Instagram aesthetics match this vibe, too. It doesn't mean I don't enjoy other kinds of photography, but I feel the need for my own photos to be bright. I was wondering if I ever grow out of love for this style like I have some idea for the hair color, what would I go for? Or would I never change that?
The answer is: it varies. Hair color is directly related to personal style that changes more often. Photography is a skill that doesn't need to change over the age, I assume. It goes same for the writing style. I love a humorous, dramatic and perfect-in-grammar writing sense. But more often, I find myself loving the casual and cool kids (very teen-ish) typo-ridden style even more. Balancing the urge to whether follow that style or keeping up with my own often feels like a struggle. But a witty line after every once in a while doesn't hurt. This is the deal.

Keeping my style definite with a little indulgence of other styles is the perfect balance for me so far. 
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Finding my style and curating my daily life around it is super fun. I am excited to see how it will change in the next few years, but I hope it will be colorful. I discovered a lot of new ideas about how I wanted to get things done within my style's parameter and it kind of drew a pattern of activities to do, which is absolutely AH-MAZING!

I would love to know, how do you describe your personal style? 

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