Recent Reads: A Start For 2016

According to my Goodreads, I am ahead of my actual reading schedule that made me immensely happy. So I thought I should share my recent reads on the blog. All the books I got to read, have been interesting enough to discuss. Well, it doesn't necessarily mean they ALL were good, though. I am also preparing myself to snark on some of them. Wink.
I have read 8 books so far. 7 of them are from my 2016 reading list. Only Sharp Object by Gillian Flynn was the one to come spontaneously. The list below is in a chronological order: from newest to oldest read.
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson: I just finished this book yesterday. When I started it, I suddenly thought it was boring and I might take few centuries to end it, if at all. But chapters after chapters, it became an interesting and thrilling read. The female protagonist reminded me of Sherlock Holmes, she could easily be a female + a more complexed version of him. This book revolves around unfolding a terrible family mystery, political situations, and the psychology of people suffering from different mental illnesses that were quite nasty.

Here's my favorite quote from the book (I loved it so much that I decided to write it down on paper):

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn: I absolutely loved Flynn's Gone Girl and was looking forward to reading her other books. Sharp Objects was absolutely amazing. I think the ending was even more surprising than Gone Girl's, but the meticulous details of Gone Girl were far more depictive than this book. I love how it is written: brutally. The story revolves around a female reporter in her early thirties who goes to her hometown to report on recent murders happening there and gets caught up in her old family history, which is equally confusing as the murders happening in town. The characters are so vile and I often found myself doing tsk tsk for the messed up situations the protagonist Camille was facing. This book, too, deals with different issues of mental illness and its effects on people who come from broken & not-so-normal families and thrilling murders investigations. Camille had a cutting problem that was developed as a result of her issues with her mother and the lack of guardian love in her life. Thus, the name Sharp Objects fits perfectly in the picture.
Here's my favorite quote from this book. It's a little yet very intense quote:
The Moses Stone by James Becker: It's a crime thriller that revolves around some historical events. Easy writing style with quite a predictable plot. It's very Dan Brown-ish when it comes to the story. Good guy gets involved with relics that go back in history and come from places like Jerusalem and saves them. I did not like the vague ending. But it was a light read and I guess I don't regret reading it (?).

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari: I think this book shouldn't be called a book, but a piece of statistics assignments that's far more boring than my own statistics work. Hello, non-fiction. I had high hopes for this book since Ansari is pretty famous for his good humor. Though it's not the same case for the book. He, with a researcher, sheds some light on the dating situations. Mainly on the US & some overviews from other cities like Tokyo & Qatar. It's filled with so many reports and pie-charts that made me cry.
I liked the part about Japan as it was hilarious. People, there aren't willing to marry or even be with someone, which is worrying the government to no end. HAH! If you like books with researches, then you might wanna read it.

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso: I absolutely LOVED this book. I did a separate review on it that you can read here. It's a memoir of Sophia Amoruso who's the CEO of Nasty Gal, the famous online clothing line. This book offers great advice for the entrepreneurs, personal anecdotes from Sophia's personal life, and some more wonderful stuff.

The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak: Elif Shafak has become one of my favorite authors. Her books are precisely and delicately detailed, give a marvelous view of Istanbul (a city I adore), and always have a story with history. This book was about a family that had a lot of female members and a number of male members who died early. With some history that they never wanted to share, this story explores it bit by bit. This story had an incomplete (sort of) end, which left me wondering about it. And I HATE to wonder about vague endings. 
*insert crying-face emojis 10x here*

My favorite quote from this book:
“Imagination was a dangerously captivating magic for those compelled to be realistic in life, and words could be poisonous for those destined always to be silenced.”

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin: It was a lovely classic about a girl who had to face the difficulties of life at a very young age. Yet she faced them bravely and worked her way out through all the obstacles. I think it was a very encouraging book. In spite the fact it was basically written for tweens and kids, it was still a cheery book to read.

The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle: I took this book from lovely Amanda's reading list as she explained it as a shocking read. I couldn't resist the title and picked it up asap. It was my first read of 2016 plus my first Holmes mystery to read. It was so good!!!!! I was holding my breath while reading the book as the story, which was about a murder that was linked to an old family curse (gosh there were so many family tragedies in my reading list this time) and it was brilliantly executed, I was waiting for Holmes to come and support Watson as they worked separately and came to solve it together in the very end.
I am going to resume watching Sherlock Holmes TV series soon as after reading the book, I NEED TO FINISH THOSE SEASONS! I fell in love with that fictional character, for the first time and for an eternity.

That was it! I am just starting Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and it's another family-killing-related, quite a tragic book. Reading it mainly because:
(i) It's going to be the book of the month in my book club
(ii) My twin sister thinks we should complete Flynn's trio of books asap

I really need to freshen up my reading list with some chic-lit or YA stories. I am going to pick up Sophie Kinsella's book after that. Shopaholic books, here I come. BTW let's be friends on Goodreads. I am loving how this site is helping me to stay dedicated to my reading challenge. I would love to connect with other readers to see new books and reviews. Plus my profile says I'm the #53th top reviewer & #88th best reviewers from region Pakistan so basically, it's super cool to stay dedicated to them wholeheartedly.

What are some of your recent reads? Were they good or bad?

PS: It's #SocialBloggers chat tonight (6 PM GMT) on Twitter. So make sure you join the chat for some cool bloggers discussions. Wheeez!!!!

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