Recent Design Work: A Cup of Tia

My designing gears have been running wild these days. There's nothing better than finishing a blog design that fits the aesthetics and style of the blogger who owns it. I'm a huge fan of visual arts and blog designing is one of the best outlets for this kind of works.
Today I want to share my most recent and current favorite blog design project that I did for Tia who runs the blog A Cup of Tia. It's a custom blog design & it was so fun to design. 
Tia's vision was quite definite. She wanted a chic and girly design that was also graceful in every possible way.

"ACupofTia will be a place where young women can come and read testimonies of other young women for inspiration. Get tips on college, relationship advice, etc. This is also a place for young women to get to know me and know that no matter what you are going through, you are never alone. With that being said, I want my blog to feel very inviting and inspiring using warm pinks and clean lines with hints of gold! I want it to feel how it looks if that makes any sense. I definitely want my personality to be shown all throughout my blog as well! I am a communicator and I actually really like people. I am a total extrovert!"

I designed her mood board with bold pinks and touches of gold that she loved. I love adding hints of gold in my designs (you probably already know, haha!) and this idea went well with this design, too. A pink & gold combination can never go wrong, trust me!!!
The design process usually takes a week of less, but since we didn't have any complicated idea to interpret, it took almost 3 days to wrap everything up. Insert some fireworks here.

You can see the design board below. The difficult part of a design is to get the clear idea of other's vision without making it a mess. A blog is a true reflection of a blogger's personality and a perfectly curated design is absolutely necessary for that purpose.
 You can see it live on her blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on this design.

PS: I am taking new blog designs in, so if you'd like to have a design for your own blog, you can head over to my Services page & check the previous work in Portfolio

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