Poetry: All the Positive Vibes

Today is supposed to be a good day. With 29 February, a leap year day that comes only once in four years, it indeed is a more than special, day. So I thought I should share something super special to me. Poetry, yass!
In the past two months, I focused on writing and making things that would cheer anyone up, including me. All the good vibes and stuff. In between, I wrote two poems and they're here:
"Fearlessness isn't only about,
The absence of fear,
It is more about embracing your terrors,
And handling them with care.

It is also about how you fight,
With all the things that hurt,
Like speaking up your mind,
Without being any blurt.

Fearlessness comes from within,
If only you want it to appear
So it's the time you forget what terrifies you,
And be fearless, oh dear."

I wrote this poem in a contrast to my 2016's goal, to be more fearless. Both in metaphors and reality. I realized how being more fearless doesn't only mean you have to act like a Street Fighter character or walk on thin ropes. It has more a lot more aspects than that. I have been trying lots of new things that terrified to a good extent before, but I tried them in twenty sixteen anyways. It feels great.

"I have always been afraid of,
How my lifetime is running out,

Though it's something one shouldn't worry but,
Make the best out of it; whatever it is about."

I get work done on time. But behind the scenes, it's like having 30 tabs open in my mind on a slow browser, which sounds quite stressful. And it actually it. With the bonus anxiety about time running out of my hands. I am working on fixing this terrible habit (is it even a habit?), but of course, it has had its effects on me. 
This is why this poem hits home. I am constantly telling myself to focus more on doing more in a short span of time, without worrying about the lack of time or abundance of it, whichever is present.

This is all I have written so far. Jasey from Jasey Jade blog has started a creative project called #writeartnation with Areeba and me that focuses on sharing writings (poetry, excerpts) and visual arts like paintings, illustrations, etc. from different artists. There's an option to get an email-pen-pal as well. I mainly wrote Fearlessness for #writeartnation. If you like to keep up with new artists and their work, be sure to check it out on Instagram.

Is there anything you've been working on? Any creative project?

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