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For me, visual inspiration is as much needed as any other form of inspiration in daily life. My to-go places for such inspiration are Pinterest and Tumblr.
Tumblr, being a more "hippie" and less business site, it doesn't have much room for people who doesn't only want to pass on photos but also want to get their written articles out there. Pinterest, on the other hand, offers both visual inspiration and content to read.

I love to browse through these sites to keep up with the latest trends and photography styles. Nothing makes me happier than seeing all the colorful and creatively captured photos around.

Today, I want to share what I have been pinning these days. I try to keep my board as organized as I can. Hashtag minimalism freak.

Blog & Biz tips: I pin all blog and business related post on this board. Pinterest is full of great resources shared by fellow bloggers and insiders. When I feel stuck at some points and need some help in blog and biz issues, I read these articles to help me through the difficult writer's block.

Blog Designs + Mood Boards | inspiration & tips: Blog designing is a game of inspirations and aesthetics. I pin designs and mood boards from other designers on this board. It is always helpful to go back there to gather inspiration for my upcoming projects.

Words: I love me some inspiring quotes. Seriously. Nothing can brighten up my day better than a good quote. I keep pinning all inspirational and encouraging quotes on this board. I always go back to read them all, afterwards.

Photography + Instagram Styling Inspiration: BOOM! Photography is a constant work-in-progress. You can never have so many inspirations. I pin different photos to inspire me for trying new photo styles like flat-lays, better backgrounds and lighting techniques.

Wanderlust: How could I stop myself from pinning gorgeous locations? I want to travel all the time, which is utterly impossible right now, unfortunately. But this fact can't stop pinning me those locations anyway. Wink.

Other than these mentioned boards, I love to pin artwork, creative crafts, dreamy bedroom decor ideas and colorful photos. Pinterest is a whole different world, haha!

Now, let me get to the fun project I had been working on that's related to Pinterest. 

I wanted to use Pinterest as a traffic tool for my blog. It's a lot difficult when your blog isn't based on a popular niche like recipes, parenting or fashion. That's where I though a creative place was needed for bloggers like me to share their posts and connect with other bloggers.

I am so ecstatic to launch The Creative Lifestyle Bloggers Pinterest Board that's open to every creative lifestyle blogger out there who wants to use Pinterest for their blogs, but are unsure of where to start from.

You can:
(i) Pin your blog posts to get exposure. 
(ii) Repin, like & read other articles to support your fellow creative bloggers.

Head over to the board to check it out. I would be super happy to have you joined and read your creative posts. The purpose of this group is to help bloggers & spread creativity. Share this post with your creative blogger friends in case they might want to join. Woohoo!

What have you been pinning lately?
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  1. i actually just recently joined pinterest (for the second time, i deleted previously 'cause it was too distracting during exam season, haha) to help me with getting inspiration for my WIP, so that's what I'm pinning now - quotes and photographs to help get my writing going for a story I'm not sure I'll ever finish. and GOSH, so excited for this board!! xx

    safah - oh, how i wander.

    [ ohowiwander.wordpress.com ]

  2. I just started using Pinterest more and I'm starting to love it. I love finding inspirational quotes and photography tips on it.


  3. I LOVE, and am slightly addicted to Pintrest! It's so good for inspiration!!

  4. I just joined Pinterest, so I'm still feeling my way around. But your boards are so, so inspiring!

  5. I'm learning my way to find a home in Pinterest, tumblr does it well for me already but the world of Pinterest need my existence. ON YOUR BOARD!

    Not Your Type Blog

  6. I cannot figure out pinterest! I loved the post!
    Dora www.bangsbang.com

  7. Thank you :) I am so excited to have you aboard!!!!

  8. Tumblr is far less demanding than Pinterest, isn't it? You can reblog & reblog a photo until it reappears in your feed, while Pinterest can be a sophisticated lady that's hard to understand at some points. But Tumblr is more about photos and less about articles behind them. Pinterest is my resources hub <3

    Good luck, Katie. Pinterest is an addiction, haha!

  9. Thank you, Dora. If there's anything I can help with, I'd be happy to do so!

  10. I am SO glad you decided to join it back and then joined us for this venture. Pls stay here with me so I can keep an eye on your art projects even more closely (trust me, I mean it in a very good way). Wink.

  11. *High five* I'm the same. Inspirational quotes can never end in Pinterest land.

  12. Thank you so much, Minaali. Browse it more, you'll love it. Moreover it's great for blog content inspo!


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