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If you were to ask about my routine, the first thing I would mention is the phone usage. And I'm sure it's nothing surprising since from staying connected with the world to calculating my math sums, my phone does everything for me.
Today, I'm doing this fun challenge to show how I use my phone throughout the day, in the form of some questions.
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What is your phone model?
I have an iPhone 5S in gold. You can see it here in the post.

How many time you put your phone on charge every day?
It depends on the usage, of course. But I plan to charge it overnight for few hours so it would be 100% by the day. If I (accidentally) forget to charge it overnight, then 3 or 4 times a day as I always need to have it around and it doesn't get enough time to get fully charged. I have ordered a power bank and I can't wait to receive it so my plug hunting and painful charging incidents can just be less.

How many apps do you currently have on your phone right now?
I have 29 apps on my phone right now. It seems like an app cleaning spree is required. Since I don't even use half of them and cleaning would bring back the good old MBs.

Which app consumes the most battery on your phone?
in last 24 hours, it was Twitter that consumed 22% & in last 7 days, it was Facebook to use 18% in total. Though I am surprised to see as I was assuming it might be Instagram or Pinterest to top the list. But nothing can win over Facebook's funny videos or Twitter's latest trends.

What was your last used app & what were you doing?
I just put my phone down after texting my friend on Whatsapp.

The number of photos on your phone.
2,917. THAT'S A LOT. Most of the photos need to be deleted. If only I had the motivation to do it for real, it would be helpful. Let's hope it can be decreased to 1,000 photos real soon.

Who was the last person you called?
Let me check - 5 attempts at a single number. I was calling my dad.

What are some inactive apps you want to delete, but too lazy to do so, eh?
There are these 5 apps I really want to delete but haven't because I think I might use them, sometimes in future. Two of them are Vlogging apps, a photo editing app & two random apps I chose while browsing App Store.

Phew! So that was it. Now it is your turn to answer these questions. How do you use your phone throughout the day?
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  1. That's a scary question! My phone is at best, always near me! I listen to music, and books mostly on mine! And, I'm close to you on the pictures! I need to download them on my laptop...one day!!

  2. Oh man, I've thought about getting Moment to find out how much I'm really on my phone, but I'm kind of scared at the same time! I think it's upwards of 3 hrs, mostly when I'm waiting or before going to bed.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  3. Ohh, this is fun. I bet mine would be so boring, because I actually don't use my phone for a lot besides photos/games (and I only have like 3-4 games, lol). Most of my memory/data (whatever) is taken by music, but I recently had to delete all my music in order to get the newest update so now I have a bunch of new emojis with no music, lol. I have such a love/hate relationship with Apple smh.

    Also I have a lot of photos too, so don't feel bad lol. I hate that they added a 'selfie' folder in photos because now my phone records how vain I am, and how many of my photos are photos of myself, lol.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. My phone is always with me. It never leaves my side. I'm always on social media or texting.

  5. ah I love this. I need to start putting my phone down more often. I am on it all of the time and it is crazy! I wish phones didnt consume so much of our society xx, kenz http://sincerelykenz.com

  6. I'm like you. I always have a million photos in my phone! My storage is ALWAYS full lol

  7. I love your hair!!
    What a great post idea! I have close to 10,000 photos on my phone, it's so bad... most though are backed up, so I could go through and clean it up. Instagram and Facebook are where my phone usage goes too!

  8. While my husband was on deployment I was glued to my phone, but now I honestly forget about it and most of the time forget where I put it ha.

  9. Beautiful post! I really like it! ♥

    xoxo, Monica from http://monicanoir.blogspot.com/

  10. Such a fun challenge!! I love this. And I LOVE your blog.

  11. What a cool challenge.
    I use my phone way too often to stay connected for work and my blog.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  12. Hmm, I almost don't want to answer that, haha! Let's just say I am unhealthily dependent on my phone. But in my defense, mobile phones are like mini computers these days, you can do pretty much everything with them in the blink of an eye. I must admit, I really need to do an app and photo clearup on my phone, too, I have way too much unnecessary stuff on there.A really cool post, Noor! Love your hair, by the way :)

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

  13. I used to charge my phone all night too but I've stopped doing that because overcharging can decrease the lifespan of your phone. Turn on the power save mode instead and your battery will last a lot longer. :)
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land

  14. I have wayyy too much pictures on my phone! It's a bit obnoxious but I have such a hard time deleting them all and I never actually feel like doing it haha!

    Shannon Sage

  15. I don't think that I want to know how much I use my phone. I have a split job, so I have like 3-4 hours of down time and I - you guessed it am usually on my phone. Yikes. Though cleaning it out and removing some of the unwanted apps will be really good idea. Thanks!

  16. I never want to confirm how much I'm on the phone. Or the computer for that matter. I know it's waaaaaaayyyy too much!

  17. This questionnaire is scary! Haha, I don't realise how much I have my phone with me all the time! This is such a nice idea though, I really love reading posts like this. You feel like you really get to know someone a bit better!

    xoxo, Lauren | The Dazzle Guide

  18. This is awesome! I want to take one myself! Such a great idea to make yourself aware of your phone habits :-D

  19. I used to have to charge my phone for AGES for it to get to 100%, but now I have samsung fast charging and it gets from 0% to 100% in like an hour!

    waNoire Beau


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