Goals Of 2015 - Updates

16 more days until we step into a whole new year! It's been quite an exciting year - life-changing, in fact. I planned a lot for 2015, some of them were completed and some of them were ignored like they never made it to my list. Though I'm more than glad my priorities weren't missed.
I'm going to look back at my 2015 goals + resolutions to check back on my progress. Let's see how it went.
Goals of 2015 Updates Noor's plce blog

Follow A Routine // It was probably the hardest thing to manage through the whole year. Routines are supposed to keep everything run smoothly, but it was quite opposite in my case. My academic routine was going well until exams phase arrived and I had no control over what was happening. I slept, ate and studied without looking at the clock. After the exams finished, summer vacations gave me a bit of freedom that again, turned out to be a routine-less period. When the sophomore year started, I was determined to follow my routines no matter what. It was an on & off thing and turned out I couldn't settle in a routine this year, to a good and organized one, to be honest. But I am proud of myself for trying this hard.

Be a better person // I can look back and see the clear difference in me, as a person. That childish, tantrums throwing, unnecessarily angry person is slowly fading away and I've learned a few ways to be a better person. I once asked my mother what it took to be a better person than I already was? She told me, "Don't hurt your fellow human beings and don't cheat in anything you do. Life is better when it's simple. Try to add simplicity in your life and keep doing the good things. You'll be fine than ever." I tried what she said and trust me, it was for the best. It helped me make the ethical decisions that I wouldn't regret. It's probably the best thing I ticked off in 2015, successfully!

Write more // I have been writing poetry, filling my writing journal (the one in the photo above) and working on my assignments that require a lot of writing. I stopped it for a while, when I had college exams or when I was busy in social events as it would get too hectic to make sense with words. But I kept it all along. Writing is something I could never stop doing. My goal of writing more wasn't only to fill the space on my life, I relly meant to make progress. My blog, journal and poems' notebook is the glorious example of this writing progress.

Work Out // I started some workouts and finished most of them. Blogilates was my to-go place for the inspiration. It went well until the mid of the year when I stopped. I didn't have much motivation left. College was starting and after the tiring hours, I couldn't even imagine of exercises. I have been doing some basic workouts so it doesn't fell off my regular routine. It wasn't that much of a success, but as a first year, I think it's quite a lot, if not enough.

Altogether, my goals were 85% accomplished (excluding the most of routine & workouts). A lot of things happened in this year that shaped me in the way I am right now; all well. And I couldn't be more thankful, for all the good and the bad and the worst and the most surprising events that 2015 held, for good. I even completed my Goodreads challenge. In fact, I exceeded the number of books I would normally read.
I am looking forward how 2016 will be & of course, making new year's resolutions and goals already (in progress, whoops!). Hah!

How did your goals progress go for 2015?

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  1. Good for you! I didn't really set goals for 2015, but it's been a crazy year i barely go anything done. I'll be setting goals for 2016, just need to finalise some of them :)

    Elaine x

  2. It is so great that almost all of your golas are achived, have luck for next year too xoxo


  3. 2015 has been a surprising year indeed. I have somehow achieved a lot of my goals, writing more being one of them. I think 85% is extremely good, well done!

    Sempiternal Adventures

  4. i will have to check out blogilates for more fitness inspirations.

  5. I like the "be a better person" goal. We can always strive to improve ourselves!

  6. Can't believe this year is nearly over but I'm ready for the new year. It's always great to reflect back. I really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Yours Truly, NY

  7. I think I became a better person. Bring it on 2016, I'm ready!

    Not Your Type Blog

  8. Oooh a GoodReads challenge sounds interesting! That's one of my goals for 2016, to try to read all the books on my list. But one at a time! I got into the bad habit of starting like 3 books at a time and then never finishing them. Love this goals update!


    COFFEESLAG Ditto Review

  9. I think 85% is pretty good! I love this idea of looking back on goals xx

    www.missmakeupmagpie.com ❤️

  10. I just did a similar reflection post of 2015 on my blog, so it was awesome to be able to read someone else. I feel like being able to accomplish 85% of what you set out for in the year shows you nailed this year, well done! I feel like not keeping up a routine, exercise or otherwise, is 100% normal, i did exactly the same thing when Uni started to take over life.

    Great post xx.


  11. this is a great idea! I'm actually going to do something like this for 2016, not sure if I'll post it or not, but I think it's a great way to make the most of a year - best of luck for 2016 my dear, and well done to you for sticking to your goals for 2015!

    safah - oh, how i wander

    [ ohowiwander.wordpress.com ]

  12. I haven't visited your site in a while, I love your pretty header! One of my goals for the year was blogging regularly, and that didn't go as planned because of a job schedule change. I'll be writing a recap post soon, though, to go through what I HAVE done!


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