November Summary

Past week was undoubtedly one of the best weeks of my life. It was my cousin's wedding week, which meant a number traditional events, glamorous clothes out of the wardrobes and meet up with old pals. A lot happened in a short sphere of time that I could hardly hold onto all the things, but I am just so glad to end this glorious chapter of November with a bang (!!!) that had started with an amazing Instameet Thatta.
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I have to make a little list of what happened in past week because it would be too bad not to mention some of it.

- I accidently slipped my phone into water. GOSH YES I WAS DEAD AFTER THAT. It was around 3 AM in the morning & all of us were awake, chilling. I was changing the song on my phone and mistakenly put it in a glass full of water. The song stopped & so did my breath. I jumped out of my seat and shook it back and forth. Everyone was screaming and we tried to dry it with God knows whatever we found. I turned it off for a few minutes. When I started it again, it was pretty fine. I mean, nothing happened. I am still wondering if my phone suddenly turned into a water-proof phone (which it's certainly not) or something. It's sort of a miracle if you ask me.

- My cousin, who's the bride's sister, and I almost missed the start of the wedding ceremony *insert so many screams here*. The blame is on the hair saloon. We went there on last-minute note & none of us had any idea it would take thaaaaaaaat long. Anyways, we made it on time, which is another miracle.

- There were guests from India in the wedding and I learned a different dialect from them. It's quite similar as the dialect in Pakistan, but the words are spoken differently. It sounds so cool. Hah!

- I don't remember sleeping before 4 AM in whole wedding week, or 6 AM. Perhaps. That is exactly why it's the third day I haven't stepped out of bed without looking like a zombie. Ops. Moreover, I caught the contagious seasonal fever & flu, which hasn't gone anywhere, sadly.

Shortly, it has been a lot of fun. It's impossible to document it in the form of words or photos. But, ya know, writer's gonna write. It's 1st of December already and there's a lot to do and plan for the last month of 2015. Wink. I have to do a little audit of my 2015's goals (I'm sure the summary is going to be good) and of course, make new ones for twenty-sixteen.

How did your November go?
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  1. OMG ! Even I stopped for a second after reading that you dropped your phone in water. :P Sounds like you had a blast. That reminds me that I should also review my 2015 goals. Yikes !

  2. Seems like your week was so wonderful ♥


  3. Oh I can't tell you how many phones I've dropped in water! Fingers crossed on this one!

  4. Wow, your phone is a survivor. That's tough! Hahaha Glad it's all good after all :)

    Lou | wander-soul.net


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