Instameet Thatta - All about it + Photos

On Sunday, I set out around 10 o'clock in the morning to host the Instameet in Thatta. Areeba & I, along with a bunch of friends and Instagrammers were going on a road trip of Thatta, stopping at the famous locations for photographing.
It would be a huge understatement to say I was excited. I was SUPER excited.
If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen some photos and introductions already. So I won't go into that details again, you can hop over here to see who came and everything else. This post is going to be photo-heavy, so watch out. Wink.
Our first destination was Makli Ruins Graveyard. It is one of the largest necropolises in the world. It's spread over a large area, which means a lot of walking if you want to see the whole place. I call it a local version of the city of Petra (well, almost). The weather was quite warm, opposite to what I had imagined since the regular days were a lot more cold.
This place is so mystical. You'd be lost in the beauty of the architect before you even know it. While everyone took photos, we wandered around to see the whole place.

There was a shrine of a famous saint near the graveyard, so we strolled past the place. Some went inside (including me) to see what was happening there. It was pretty crowdy. A lot of people were there, with a number of merchants to sell souvenirs.

I bought one, too.
We stayed there for an hour. After that, Kenjhar Lake was the next stop. I was quite stoked to go there. No reason required for spending time by the water. The best thing was we got to ride speed boats there, which was the highlight of the trip (except of these gorgeous locations, of course!)

Before getting to the last location, which was Shah Jahan Mosque, a stop for lunch was SO NEEDED. We ate at a local small hotel that served the best Chicken Karahi. Or maybe I was too hungry, ha! Still, it was so worth it. I hadn't had my casual supply of tea, so I got myself a cup as soon as I got a chance. 
Shahjehan Mosque is famous for its beautiful tiles + brickwork. It was built during the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. It's a stunning example of Mughal architecture. The symmetrical patterns all over the place were breathtakingly beautiful.
We left this place at the time of sunset. It was wonderful to witness this moment. See it yourself.

I am just so grateful for everyone who made it happen. Each person, who was the part of it, added their part in the fantastic-ness (did I just make it up?). These places are even more beautiful when you visit in person, I doubt if these pictures could do the justice.
Travelling will always be incredible. No matter if it's a small trip around the woods or a whole road trip to unnamed places/famous locations. You'll forget everything for a while, chase the sun as it fades into pink hues and life will look more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Have you recently gone to a road trip/ Instameet? How was that?

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  1. What a beautiful place! Every photo is instagram worthy


  2. Wow! Another beautiful adventure. I visited Thatta sometime in 1997. I saw Makli and Shah Jehan Mosque as well. The lake that we had our rest house at was Haleji instead of the main Kinjhar jheel. Haleji is some inland portion of the same they said. There were alligators in there and they swam up to rock the speed boats! It was a school trip so the fun quadrupled. It was summer and I remember the scorching heat. Sindh has such a rich culture!

  3. Noor these pictures are beyond stunning. You didn't just capture landscapes, but moments. Ahh, you're giving me the travel bug. I haven't gone someplace new, or exotic, in a while and I'm yearning for a bit of adventure. Especially now after seeing this post. Beyond lovely.


  4. Your pictures are stunning! I can only imagine what the real thing looks like.
    I've been to one insta meet and it was a really long time ago. I'd love to go to another one sometime. :)
    Girl in a Whimsical Land


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