The Serene Garden

I'm planning to set up some indoor planting in my room, which should be super rad and marvelous at the same time, so these days I'm always looking out for planting ideas and new varieties of plants. It's sort of a family thing to be plants obsessed, really. I don't remember it liking back then, but now I definitely do.
I spent this weekend with my Barri nano (grandmother) and we explored her plants' collection thoroughly. She has so many plants, from succulents to cactuses and other types.
Areeba and I were excited to learn about each type & I realized how I love succulent plants more than anything. Blame it on Pinterest, yeah! They look so good.
Is it only me or cactuses are fantastic? I don't know why, but they look just so cool.
I am not sure what these plants are called. Lol. The plant above was an interesting one. The flowers grew on the point of the green grass (?!?) and they bloom occasionally.

Here's to prove my point, the succulents are wonderful.
I love these flowers. They're like, wildflowers and smell-less but since they make a great decoration so it's totally acceptable. Ouii!

Do you some favorite plants?

Today, I have to announce something. I'm giving iGraphy a break. I am not sure if I would like to continue this photo series in future, but for now, I want to work on my themed topics more and less of obligatory posts. Wish me luck :) I had a lot of fun while brainstorming for ideas and I'm grateful for everyone who kept joining. Huzzah, people!

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  1. Ohhh, what a garden! My mom is a crazy plant lady as well (which evens out, she used to have the OPPOSITE of a green thumb and her plants would all die)
    I love succulents as well! Pinterest, instagram, and tumblr are all to blame, haha. But an added bonus is that they're hard to kill. Which is perfect, because honestly my roommate and I are not the best at remembering when to water them! My favorite flower is a sunflower...but you can't really grow those in an apartment!

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

  2. My granddad loves plants too and I share this love with him. The photos are so beautiful Noor! You've captured everything so well! x

  3. I love plants! I think I get it from my grandparents because they love their plants too! I love all things related to plants and my garden is full of them haha! Inside I have fake flowers and I'll get real flowers when I have the time. I normally don't know most of the names but I like to point and say 'I really love that one' haha! My favourite plant recently has been hydrangea <3
    lots of love,
    Ramsha | Rose

  4. These are super pretty! I'm useless at keeping plants alive :'( My favourite flowers are Iris'! x

    Christina Marie - xtinagsays.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Maa is a crazy plant lady too. She's got so many plants, and I like looking at them but taking care of the plants though? Nah I'd rather not lol.

  6. we have an indoor garden at home, on the balcony and I like it so much. My favorite flower at the moment is the stargazer. It's so big, colorful and has a nice smell

  7. I love succulents. Plus its very hard to kill them. And I can't keep anything alive. I have started loving and appreciating greenery and plants so much more ever since I have grown up and realised that I live in a desert. Love your Nano's garden ! Its so pretty. Makes me want to visit my Nano's garden. :)

  8. I love that you're trying to build a community of bloggers who are enthusiastic about photography. I tried to do that a while back but it didn't work out. A lot of people like to have a lot of followes and a lot of praise but aren't very keen on genuinely supporting everyone else and encouraging them.
    I hope this works out!
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land


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