The Beautiful Sky

It's been a long weekend already, with the occasional holidays due to religious events. I have been doing Statistics sums in my head & in notebooks these days. It's such an easy subject, but I feel like giving it more attention (even when I'm going pretty low in Accounting, ahem ahem!).

My current photography adventure is focusing the skies. I am in awe of the beauty of the fall skies. I wonder why I never took notice of them before. Like, I had always admired skies, but focusing them as a subject of a project, it hadn't crossed my mind.
The pictures below are the one I took in the past week or earlier.

The best time to capture the sky is at the twilight; when the sun isn't shining brightly and different hues are formed around it. I remember admiring everyone who could capture a perfect photo of a sunset without making it look like a rays' mess (like I used to do). Timings play an important part, of course.

Last night, Areeba and I were walking outside at 3 AM, I was staring at the sky to search the stars & I spotted an airplane, far among the stars. Suddenly, I told Areeba to imagine where all those passengers were heading to. Perhaps they were going to a very urgent meeting or they had to meet someone on the other side of the world. It felt terrifically serene to imagine, being among the clouds and having the sky, all to yourself, even for a split second, in the starry night sky.
That's where the "smallest things will make you happy" type of quotes fit perfectly (in the other days, I find them equally annoying when they pop up in my Instagram or Facebook feeds)

I love the sky. It's just so wide and beautiful and seems to be the part of everything in my life. It probably sounds very sentimental, but it's quite true in my case. Freedom, wanderlust, creativity: all my favorite things seem to have a connection with ze sky.

My favorite poem from Erin Hanson is about the same thing:
"There is freedom waiting for you, 
On the breezes of the sky, 
And you ask: "What if I fall?" 
Oh but my darling, What if you fly?"

And I couldn't agree more.
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  1. Beautiful photos, Noor! I too love looking up at the sky and finding little moments of joy and serenity there. A photo of the sky a day would make a great daily prompt/challenge. I might try it out :) though I'm currently at the stage where all my sky photos are overexposed. I'll get there someday!


  2. Lol And I thought I was the only one who wonders about stranger's lives..Like passengers, random people on the street, wondering where they're going. The pictures are so beautiful btw. :)


  3. That airplane moment was magical and nostalgic and everything I wanted to feel at that moment.

  4. I do the same thing when I'm outback at night with the puppy and see the planes go by! I wonder where they're going!

  5. The photos are very beautiful Noor! :) Good luck with Statistics! It's my fave <3 Take Care! -Iva

  6. Lovely photos! I love Autumn sun sets! They're so pretty :) I also think that poem is lovely (and quite inspiring)! x

    Christina Marie - xtinagsays.blogspot.co.uk

  7. I love these photos and traveling is a blessing,Lucky you both xx

  8. The immensity of the sky and the ocean have always been two sights/concepts that comfort me. I know they overwhelm some people though, but I enjoy it. There's just something so peaceful about knowing you are but one person and that in this immensity you are not alone. Love it. Lovely photography, and even lovelier writing.


  9. SO SKY OBSESSED. I couldn't agree with you more of course :]

  10. That Eric Hanson poem <3

    I absolutely love taking photographs of the sky. For a while, my whole Instagram account was just photos of sunrises/sunsets/pretty clouds. Your photos are really lovely. There's something so great about taking a moment to be still, stop hurrying from A to B, and looking up. We are so often looking down or side to side, and not many people take the time to pause and appreciate a beautiful sky.




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