Same Tools, New Looks Challenge (Part II)

I did Same Tools, New Looks challenge back in July and today, I have the part II of the same challenge. It was so fun to create two different looks out of the same products. Since winter has just arrived and I am back to mystic + dark shades again, this look is something light with a pop of bright color.

I don't use a lot of face products in my routine makeup like concealer or primer. Some shadows, mascara/eyeliner, and a lip tint would do fine for me. Though I do want to indulge new products to creating more defined looks.

The products used  // Born Pretty* Store's: 1) eye pencil 2) shimmery eyeshadows 3) lip crayon 4) brush

Eyes: I filled my eyes with cat-eye styled liner, which was quite thick than my usual liner. It makes my eyes look a bit small, but with a lot of eyeshadow, it gets balanced. I blended brown and copper shadows on the eyelids & used the same brush on white eyeshadow to create a highlighting effect on the top of it, right below the eyebrows. I usually use golden highlighter on that area, but as this challenge was to use these specific products, I had to make this one on my own. On the waterline, I used white shadow from thick shade to light shade, so it would fill my eyes.
The rest: The only thing other than eye makeup was this vibrant lip crayon. I like how smooth it is and doesn't get off quickly. Pairing it with these dark eyeshadows was a good combo.
This how it turned out. For me, it's a pretty mix of both serious + fun colors. As I say goodbye to my autumn shades, embracing winter with these new mixes should be interesting.
With a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, friends and almost every beauty junkie I know, my makeup game has been getting stronger. It's good to keep experimenting to know what suits you well or how different products work for different people. I remember how I couldn't even do good cat-eye a while back, now look at me. Insert wide grin emoji here.

If you want to create the same look, just go to Born Pretty store* & get all the stuff mentioned above. Use code "NOOR10K31" for a 10% off.
Born Pretty Store
What is your favorite makeup look for wintery days?

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  1. Wow you look stunning in these photos! Great job :)

    xoxo Emily

  2. Such a charming makeup!You have a beautiful smile:)


  3. You are a beautiful young lady! Inside and out!

  4. Nice! I'm also fond of makeup especially sparkly eye shadows.
    You look beautiful, Noor :)

    - Joyce | http://www.bitsofjoyce.com/

  5. You look stunning, love the lip color. Also I feel the same, the more time I spend online the stronger my makeup game gets haha. Your hair so lovely, do you have any posts on what you use?


  6. So pretty! Love the look. It was so finding another teen blogger. I feel like most of them had left. xox



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