Instagram's #WWIM12: Karachi

Last Sunday, I attended my first Instagram meet up, also known as InstaMeet or World Wide InstaMeet. It is a community event that Instagramers from all over the world celebrate just before the Instagram community’s birthday on October 6. The event in Karachi was scheduled on 5th October. There were two, actually. But I could only attend one. Though I really wanted to go the other one as well.
The theme for this meet up was to share #todayimet portraits. Basically, you were to drag a fellow under the spotlight of your camera and ask them about who they follow on Instagram and stuff. As simple as it sounds, the event was a lot more fun.
The event in Karachi was all set at Frere Hall, one of the buildings from the British colonial era, in the old city area. The place itself was very photogenic (yes, you must understand this reference).
Areeba and I were there on time, victory!!!!! We were in treat, as there was a book bazaar going as well. Hashtag bookaholics problem.
I absolutely loved the location. There is something about old buildings, they hold a bunch of memories, at every inch of their existence. They might belong to people who are not here anymore, but they did back then & these locations still tell their stories in silent ways.
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen all the portraits I did. If you haven't, check them out at @Noor_Unnahar. I tried my best, doing them in HONY's Brandon style. Whew wheew! 
There were a lot of people, some people I didn't know were friends of my friends. Which technically made us mutual friends & the socializing was a lot more fun. 
I picked up an Agatha Christie novel from the book stalls. I didn't have much time to browse through more books or else I would have had a big pile.

This is how Frere Hall looked at the twilight. Beautiful. 
I love Instagram for so many reasons. It has helped me a lot, with the creative side of photography. It seemed like a wonderful opportunity to go out and celebrate the community side of this social media channel. Cheers to extrovert life.

Have you ever been to an InsatMeet up? If not, do you plan to?
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  1. I love Frere hall, it's so beautiful! Andddddd I have to blog about it too, it was one of the best day of my life!

  2. wow, I never knew there was a thing like this for Instagram- that's so cool though! I love all of your pictures :) xx,kenz

  3. A WWIM took place in Kolkata too (ofcourse I didn't know until everyone started sharing photos of it lol). I LOVED your photo stories. You made a really great Lady Brandon, y'know? Also YAY book bazaar. Frere Hall is 100% beautimas! <3

  4. Such a beautiful location!! x

    Christina Marie - xtinagsays.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Never been to one! I don't have an instagram yet Lol Still contemplating.. been on that for a year now. :P The photos were wonderful! So beautiful, old buildings are nostalgic. :) Have a great one Noor! -Iva


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