What's On My iPhone?

I got my first phone last week. It's a pretty iPhone 5s in gold with 32 GB space. I was thinking to try 16 GB, but since my iPod had the 32 GB, so syncing all the old data and some new one was going to take up a lot of space. I usually don't have much to store in hand-held gadgets anyways.

The best thing about this phone is the fingerprint sensor. One single press and you wouldn't have to do the hassle of typing the passcode, every time. I was eyeing the gold phone from the very start. I had choices of all three colors, but I knew I was going to pick this one.
It came with iOS 8 and I updated it to the latest update right away. I've been seeing people complaining about iOS 9, but it's been super smooth on my phone. In fact, the speed and ability to switch between apps is tremendous. I don't even miss my iPod 5, ha ha!

My lock screen features a selfie. Not even guilty. I hadn't had time to browse through Pinterest for pretty or motivational wallpaper so far, so I'm just considering it the best choice. Well hey, selfies are a lock screen must.
My home screen is full of built-in apps like Messages, FaceTime, Calender, Photos and everything. I use every single app almost every day. With Phone, Mail, Safari and Music in the front tray, they're pretty accessible.
Flip through the other screen, it has 5 folders. Extras, Apple Trash (I'll tell you why), Miscellaneous, Social and Photography (shining heart emoji for this one).

It has all the apps I use for different purposes. Like, they don't have the same theme or something. Can I call them homeless type? I might do that. The apps in this folder are:

(i) Phonto: It offers amazing fonts. Trust me, their collection is fabulous. Whenever I have to add some typography to a photo or plain canvas, I use this app. It's free and easy to use.

(ii)Soundcloud: I love discovering music from this site. A lot of independent artists, remixes of old songs and exclusive sound clips from upcoming movies, everything is available. Their iOS app isn't an ideal one. but it runs smoothly if the internet speed is fine. I was using it on 3G yesterday and it ate up all my data and didn't even load properly. I regret using it on cellular data. BUT I love it nonetheless. Follow me on Soundcloud to see what I'm listening.

(iii) Duolingo: I randomly downloaded it while browsing App Store. It offers different courses of multiple languages. I'm learning French with it, in my free time. This app has many cute graphics so it's a must-keep for me. Oui Oui!

(iv) GarageBand: It's an official app from Apple. It never downloaded on my iPod, due to some glitch. I thought this app was dead or something, but it worked on my iPhone. I haven't tried it fully, but it offers different instruments to play and mix music to make new tunes. The interface is awesome. Who knows, I might rise as next Enya with this app.

(v) Betternet: It's a VPN that actually works with a swift speed. It also has a cute logo. I'd recommend using it since there are no stupid ads or hidden charges

(vi) Youtube: Youtube is my boredom cure. It's banned in Pakistan so I have to open Betternet before I can log into this application. 
Next two folders are Apple Trash & Extras. I guess their names speak it all. Apple Trash has all the apps I'm probably never going to use and I feel pretty bad that I can't even erase them. I might use Find iPhone but the rest? Find Friends is useless, I am not an official stalker. Watch app isn't for me since I would never buy one. News takes a lot of time to use, I could browse through Twitter and get the updates. Wallet is the redesigned version of Passbook that I used only once. Health app is too technical for me to use. In short, I named it very precisely.
Extras folder has all the almost-essentials. I use calculator and podcasts often. Voice memos, sometimes. Compass and Tips were only opened when I was testing every app that came with the phone.
These folders have all my favorite apps.
You know, all the apps we're obliged to use in order to be social. From Facebook to Whatsapp, errrything!

(i) Messenger: I would never download this app if Facebook hadn't made it necessary to use for chats. Seriously!

(ii) Facebook: Good old facebook. I would rather use it on the browser, but web version doesn't support groups on the web so this is why it's in my list. Uh-huh!

(iii) Twitter: I love their app. It's my favorite social media channel. My username is @Noor_Unnahar, in case you haven't followed me yet. *Grinning*

(iv) Whatsapp: It's the best messenger I have ever come across. Everyone I know have been using it for a long time and I had to bear all the "why don't you get one?" & "you should get it" from friends. Now when I have it, it's easy to understand why they say so. It's super fast, syncs with your contact lists and has all the basics like voice notes and built-in camera. It doesn't take much data from cellular service so it's a win-win.

(v) Instagram: It's my favorite photography outlet. I've found a bunch of amazing photographers and creative people through this app. I'm planning to go to my first ever insta-meet this week as well. In case you don't know, it's an event celebrated all around the world by the Instagrammers.
Follow me on Instagram here.

(vi) Snapchat: It's so fun to use. Basically, you share life's behind-the-scenes through it. A bunch of celebrities also use it so you can get a sneak peak of their lives through it (in the most non-creepy way possible okay) They share world's most hyped events and stories from famous sites like Buzzfeed & Cosmopolitan as well.
My stories include a bunch of behind the scenes and the music I have on repeat. Find me: noorunnahar

(vii) Tumblr: This app is so rad. It's micro-blogging + photography based, so I scroll through my feed when I need a dose of inspiration. Oh and when I need to be more sarcastic as well.

(viii) Skype: The good old Skype, for a number of "Can you hear me?" and "Can you see me?" type of conversations and video calls. I'd be surprised if someone would claim that they don't know what it is.

(ix) Pinterest: This app is my creativity booster. I love Pinterest for all amazing articles on the web, so having their app on the go is totally needed for me.

This folder doesn't have much in it. I don't edit with multiple apps. But these four are my favorite:

(i) VSCOcam: This app is wonderful. I edit my photos with this. Even if you don't use filters, their basic photo-fix is wonderful. Adjust brightness or contrast and you're ready to go. It's the best photo editor, to be honest.

(ii) Filterloop: This app provides a number of overlays and exposures. I haven't used them much but the quality of each overlay is wonderful and you can adjust the exposure according to your need which is the best thing.

(iii) PocketVideo: It's a vlogging app. You can edit small videos with it. I love all the features it offers. Text, music, video trimming and everything is very easy to use. They claim it's the first vlogging app on the store so if you're vlogging enthusiastic, give it a go! I'll also be learning it all along.

(iv) iMovie: It's an app from Apple. I wanted to try it back when I had iPod, but it was up for purchase (nahh!) It came free with iPhone. Talk about luck, hah! I have yet to learn how does it work, but so far, I know it's an essential. So I'd give it a go.
The mandatory mirror selfie!
I'll surely be downloading more apps in future. It's my progress of one week, with the phone. I'll also change the phone carrier since they ate up all my credits in super crap 3G & I'd rather switch to another network ASAP!!!!!

What are some of the must-have applications on your phone?

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  1. I love this blog post idea! I am thinking I may do one of my own about my iPhone in the future! :)

  2. Such a great idea! Congrats on the new phone!

    Natalie at findingmyownvoice7.blogspot.com

  3. Lovely idea! I need to do it too ; )

  4. That is a great idea. I have seen so many youtubers do it but never any bloggers. Definitely going to try it myself. Your apps gave me ideas on what I should try as well. :)

  5. Wow its really amazing and interesting blog
    i really like it

  6. Congrats on the new phone! I love the app suggestions. Thanks!

    Hustle & Whoa

  7. Congratulations lady! Gold iPhone. I SO wanted a gold when it was launched. It was sold out super fast and I was in no mood to wait so I got the basic black. I keep mine enclosed in a gorilla case anyways. It is all shock/water/dust proof. Haha, nothing fancy shmancy. But I do wish to splurge on some fancy skins. I loved the Apps you have. I would definitely try some!

  8. HAHA I love that you have an "Apple Trash" folder. When I had an iPhone I hated that I couldn't erase certain things. But, I'm glad you're enjoying your new phone - you picked a great color! xoxo

    Rhiannon @ www.peaceandblessingsyall.com

  9. Darling I want come see Pakistan and India and a bunch of places and travel a lot that side of the world next year and I would so so love to meet you xx


  10. I AM SOOOO JELLY OF YOUR IPHONE RIGHT NOW AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Maybe I should make a folder and name it "Samsung Trash" too. Oh, I haven't got a phone yet (wasn't I supposed to buy it in September?!) but there's my birthday coooooming in 2 weeeeks. :D

  11. I have so many apps on my iPhone. I noticed you don't have any games in there. what do you usually play?

  12. Big girl now:-)I will try the filter loop and pocket video,and yes nothing can beat Apple!xx

  13. I love seeing what other people have on their iPhones (I'm super nosey like that, haha)! Your phone is so much more organized than mine. I have no order whatsoever (except my social media apps which stay on the front page). x

    Christina Marie - xtinagsays.blogspot.co.uk

  14. Congrats on your new iPhone :) I'm an android fan for life so I adore my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. My main app is my Daily Yoga app, All my Google Apps - Like Hangouts, Keep, Drive, Mail.. , Evernote, Feedly, oh and Google Now for all my reminders. My #1 app used is probably YouTube. I run off music. :) Enjoy your new pretty phone Noor! Have a great one -Iva

  15. I love 5s! I have the same one of curse in Gold. It looks classy and clean. I use it to take photos for my blog.

    - Joyce | http://www.bitsofjoyce.com/

  16. I loved this post and congratulations on your new phone :D I love my Samsung though ;D I shall be checking out some of the picture editing apps hehe!
    Ramsha | Rose

  17. Congratulations on your new iPhone! I recently got one too but I haven't used any app that's specific to iOS.
    Vsco is my lifesource! It makes editing pictures so much easier on the phone and I really like the vsco community they've built for photographers.
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land


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