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I had been thinking to have a total blast for my weekend and it happened in more than one way: I had to go and see my newborn cousin who happens to be a lovely little girl (she hasn't been named yet and we're contemplating a cool name for her) + Nestle's #First1000Days event.
I am going to write about my whole experience. The event itself was quite informative and me, as being a business student, hardly gets a chance to go to medical/science-based events, so I was looking forward to it. Areeba and I reached the avenue, which was Pearl Continental Hotel, at the appropriate time. Not to mention, we are often late so I consider it a victory when we can make it on time, hah!
(Yes I know the importance of time but when I can't find the best matchings with my kurta then it's a disaster and can take an hour to make up the loss, resulting late arrival omg!)
There were many familiar faces, including a bunch of friends. I kept saying "it's a small world, it's a small world" because we just bumped into mutual friends of mutual friends. Alright. The event started with reciting & national anthem. These sort of additions give me goosebumps as they're just too patriotic to handle. 
Before the event was started, we were asked to remember the best moment of our lives. I could only think of one: when I had got the first position in 8th grade & got my first Citizen watch. It was a precious moment to remember and I couldn't be happier to share it with all the people attending the event, at that moment.
Anyways, the event started when Dr. Huma Mir, nutritionist of Nestle gave a thorough speech about the food nutrition and the importance of child meals. It involved a number of scientific terms I don't exactly remember (ahem!) but if you follow the hashtag #First1000Days on Twitter, each attendant from event added their opinions and live tweets straight from the event. Another executive, Shah Mujeeb-ud-Din from Nestle shared their charter & marketing policies with us. I was intrigued to know more since it was something I understood well.
My iPod's battery died during the event so I plugged it in and brought out my laptop for the tweeting, but its charger gave up as well. I have a secret idea how gadgets read my mind and pretend to die when I need them the most. But I used one of the moderator's laptop to resume. Ha! Ha! on my evil gadgets, y'all.
After the event, we were served the Hi-Tea. I desperately needed a cup of tea to hush away the tiredness of the whole day. Though I can't decline a cup of tea anyways. The gifts from event included this cute basket with a mug, notebook and a pack of Kit Kat.
The event ended with so many selfies (or should I say grandfies) & sophisticated media wall photos that I am dying to see.
And this weekend couldn't have been better. Uh-huh!

How was your weekend?

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  1. The event was fab! Can't wait to see the group photos!!!

  2. looks like you had an amazing time! that hotel look absolutely stunning! x,kenz

  3. Wow its really amazing and interesting blog
    i really like it

  4. I'm having major chandelier-crush moment. Look at that, it's HUGE and soo beautiful.

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