Book Club Party

On Saturday, our book club celebrated its first birthday. With all the members gathered with their favorite reads & stories to tell, to celebrate the big day, it couldn't be more special.

We reached there by the later afternoon. It was being held in one of my favorite cozy restaurants, Del Frio (they have a great menu) like it always does. The table already looked festive with the glorious Twix cake & the rest of the party essentials scattered on the table.

This meet up was quite fun since we weren't only discussing the book of the month, but almost everything. I got some non-fiction suggestions that I am planning to read in next few days. Non-fiction is my new favorite genre. I have just started Don't Ever Tell which is the biography of Kathy O'Beirne and second biography in my whole reading span. I have high hopes though a lot of people claim it's untrue, but the events described in the book ARE real, if not only to Kathy but to a lot of people.
I ordered the soup of the day which turned out to be the mushroom cream soup, along with a small tray of bread. I like their desserts more, but the soup itself was delicious as well. The bread was fine, tasted well with the sauce.
Maham, a creative member, made a lot of props for the photo booth that we used for all the photos. Seriously, one can never have so many photos taken (if the one is me then she definitely can't stop at few)
The tables got a little messy at the end. I love the look of stuff scattered in a rhythm, it looks so real. You can spot camera lens, phones, books and wrappers. Hah! 

From left: Jadirah // Areeba // Farman // me // Fiza // Fizza // Maham // Ifrah // Faiza // Jamal
While the photos were being taken, a selfie was a must (out of many). I couldn't fit everyone in my frame so I pulled a chair, stood on it & took a selfie. The bright light totally darkened me but was enough to fit my 100 volts smile.

I am so proud of our book club. It has helped me to get back on the reading routine & keep finding new reads and topics to focus on.

Are you a part of some reading club?

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  1. nice! the cake looks yummy. (: i need to join a book club. how fun!

    ❀ xo

  2. ooh the party looks like so much fun and so many delicious snacks!! :D

  3. All your bookclub photos on Instagram is making me so jelly. I want to fly to Karachi ASAP so I can be at your bookclub meet too. This is literally book-club squad goals!

  4. How lovely photos from this club party! It was truly a blasting party. I was just seeking some corporate holiday party ideas and this club party idea is great. Now I would look for a good club for this holiday event.


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