The Ecstatic 18

I turned 18! 
16 August, I really adore my birthday. Except for my geek love with even numbers (how 2^4 is 16, making it my favorite mathematics combo), it's special because birthdays are supposed to be special. This year, it was quite different. I waited to turn 18 all my life, especially at all those moments where I had to stop for a certain activity as it was for "the grown-ups", those dangerous rides I would dream of riding and a bunch of other things that don't seem to matter, any more. But as it came near,
I was afraid.

18 doesn't only mean growing up to the age where you get to ride your favorite roller coaster in an amusement park, but it's a synonym for responsibilities, expectations and rawness of reality. You wouldn't be considered a kid who can keep repeating mistakes or breaking rules. Just like everything has a price, so does the freedom. And it's a lot more than we could ever anticipate.
The price is to be yourself. Solely.

I might have been a little unprepared but realizing how life catches all of us, off the guard, it didn’t seem hard anymore. Looking back, I can clearly see how things dramatically changed over past eighteen years. My transformations, friendships, completions of plans and failures. Everything left a mark, forever, in the small span of time, for me to learn from them all over again. To be honest, I think I have more power of decision-making, a deeper sense of responsibility and vision of doing the right thing than I used to. Of course, it didn’t happen overnight, or before the eve of my birthday. It happened gradually. The eighteenth is just like a first step into a wide staircase of  the real world, where I actually get to use all these tactics.
I consider it’s the time to actually start investing time and energy into the foreseeable future which is getting near (i.e. university, professional life).

Keeping the realistic stuff aside, I think it’s really fun to be 18. The lovely wishes and presents I got from family and friends were so heartwarming. I have an adventure planned ahead and everything else is going well. Dear life, I see what you did there.

So wish me luck as I go ahead, with a lot of plans in my notebook and dreams sparking in my head, stepping up the game of creativity and my small biz ventures. I hope all the good things await!!!!

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  1. Happy 18th Nooor. I'm sure you're going to make the right decisions ahead. But don't worry about the mistakes though. Shit happens, yeah? Okay, I really suck at pep-talks but may be this because I'm gonna turn 20 in 2 months and I have a history of bad fickle decisions HAH! Also, so not ready to leave my teen-years behind and be a legit adult now. Ugh NO!
    So yeah, don't fret. <3

  2. Happy 18th birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day. It wasn't too long ago I turned 18 so I remember the feeling. It's funny how this age says "YES, you are an adult now!" I certainly feel no different, and if anything I feel like less of an adult as more and more responsibilities come my way. But it's certainly a freedom. Absolute best of luck with all of your ventures into adulthood.
    Peace & Love // Celestralite

  3. Happy birthday! I turned 27 on Monday. :)

  4. Happy 18th birthday Noor! <3

    xx, J

  5. Happy Birthday, girl! :) Hope you had a blast. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine at 18! :)


  6. Happy birthday girl!Keep rocking ,you have a long way to go :-)

  7. Happy birthday doll! I for one hate my birthday, I get super depressed and cry the whole day. I honestly don't know why but it happens every year! lol Anyway I hope you have an amazing year and get everything you ever wished for!


  8. Belated happy birthday, Noor! Have an awesome year ahead! :)

    ♥ www.jhanzey.net

  9. Happy 18th Birthday Noor! I wish you all the best for this year. :)

    Louise | www.louisechelleblog.com

  10. Happy 18th birthday to a very wonderful, creative, beautiful girl!

  11. Happy 18th Birthday Noor!!! :) Hope you had a great celebration, this is a big milestone! :) Take Care! -Iva

  12. Happy 18th Noor! :) enjoy and live life to the fullest! 😘😘😘

    Marrien l www.iambabbledoll.blogspot.com


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