What's In My Bag?

My bag is something that I can never leave while going outside. It feels weird being outside without carrying all essentials, like a book. I would rather read a book than staring outside for hours. Hashtag traveler. Today I am sharing a typical, or not so typical, "what's in my bag?!?!" post.

I don't carry a lot of stuff. My college bag contains all the crap I wouldn't put in my fancy handbags. They get so full and look excessively stuffed that isn't visually appearing. Ew. So I keep minimum yet necessary things. 

My bag is from 10 Dollars Mall*. It's a discounted store that offers everything under $10. From clothing to accessories and everything. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? This bag was like $9.99. I couldn't wait to have my hands on it ever since I first saw it. It's a black leather bag with rose gold buckles. It's pretty huge to fit all my essentials without being a bulge. So I can say it was a great deal.

I opened my bag to check what I had put in it. The following items showed up:

1. Sunglasses // I bought these rad shades a while ago but hardly put them on until now. I am a sunglasses hoarder so it was a very general situation when I forgot I had these, too. They're my currently-on-the-go glasses so they're found in my bag. I love them, for their pop art design.

2. Keys // I would be pretty lost without my keys. This set has keys of almost everything. I mean, quite everything.

3. Cologne // A body mist or cologne is a must for me. I got this one from a local superstore. It has a sweet and berry-like smell.

4. Notebook // I like to keep a notebook with me and pretend to have a very sophisticated and punctual lifestyle. Which isn't exactly the case, to be honest. But this small notebook helps me note down little details in a hurry.

5. Wallet // This wallet was a present from Lahore. I had my girly pink wallet filled with so many photos of my family, but I swapped that with this one. It's a fairly large wallet, can carry notes and cards but no photos, sadly.

6. Wide Teeth Comb // You never know when a bad hair day starts. My bad hair days come so frequently that I would be devastated if I ever leave home without a comb (2x bag essential).

7. Lotion // I keep this small Aromatherapy lotion with me because i) It's compact and easy to carry, ii) It's not too greasy which is a nice quality. I got it from Aromatherapy's bath and body set from Pearl Continental hotel.

8. A Book // Carrying a book along is very helpful especially when you have a long journey ahead. I had been traveling a lot, from Karachi to Thatta back and forth, so this book was an amusing read. It's An Abundance of Katherines from John Green. It's an average YA novel, involving a lot of Math too (that I hardly understood, though). I'll review it soon.

So this is all I had in my bag right now. The only thing that isn't in the photos while being the most important part of bag essentials is my iPod and ear pods since I was taking photos with it and ear pods blasted music in my ears as I did it.

What are some of your bag essentials?

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  1. hehehe, that's awesome! I used to check out this site called 15dollarstore, but 10 Dollars Mall is an even better deal! :P If I have a bag big enough to carry a book, I usually drag one with me, either for extra leisure reading, or to study during any downtime that I have! :P

  2. I too can't leave anywhere without my bag! I swear my bag contains my entire life in it!!


  3. Wow! Your bag is pretty organized and sorted out. Mine is like a hurricane hit it! & believe me I carry my post-apocalypse survival essentials in it! Shall be doing an entry and mentioning you in it!

  4. My tote bag is always full of the most random crap, but I always carry a book too! My favorite John Green book is Looking for Alaska. I've read it twice this summer. :)

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  6. gosh. you have less happening in your bag. mine would blow up anytime soon because i bring a lot of things. T_T #OC

    PS: I hope you can follow back on GFC. Thanks.


  7. Cool sun glasses! :) I also bring a book and a notebook with me all the time. It's cute how you only have a few items on your bag! While I usually have like so much that some people tease me if I'm moving out of house or what. Haha!

    ♥ Louise | www.louisechelleblog.com

  8. Oh I love carrying a book with me! It's great to have when I need to wait or am just bored! & when traveling.. like you said. It's the best time to have a book by my side, haha!
    SOmething funny, I live on a madly sunny island and I don't wear sunglasses! haha!
    Jade z

  9. Those sunglasses though! One of my addictions as well! I always carry, perfume, deoderant, and hairspray!:) you should do more of these posts!

  10. Nice products hun! Your bag is so cute too! Its smart that you carry a book around!


  11. Love seeing what others carrying! Above all, having a book on me at all times is a MUST! :D x

    ♥ Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ


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