Inspiration Wall

My inspiration wall has finally been finished. It was my first ever real-life Pinterest project that actually ended up looking fabulous. Inspiration walls are basically your visual motivators. I needed one, desperately. With a hint of ink, brush lettering, photos and Gossip Girl, my little creative corner was done.
From left row:
  1. Work Hard Poster
  2. My nicknames. All the ones I like, embarrassing ones are not included *coughs*
  3. Beloved, Inspired & Determind quote
  4. Life Mantra (What would Blair Waldorf do?)
  5. A Blair Waldorf quote ("I'm not a stop along the way. I am the destination.")
  6. Sunset photo I took a while ago
  7.  Poem "You"
  8. Quote in Chuck Bass style ("I'm Noor Unnahar. Your argument is invalid.")
  9. Hope, Dream & Wanderlust quote
  10. A photo from my book club meeting
I designed these prints and got them printed. The rest was too simple; stick them on the wall with tap or adhesive solution. I preffered using tape, it doesn't destroy the wall even when it gets off.
Each print has a story of its own. Work hard has always been my favorite thing to say. You can either work on something or you cannot, there's no in between. There are very few things you can't do, everything is possible in some certain ways. 
I love Gossip Girl. I couldn't help but include them in my long list of inspirations. 
I didn't want to include photos but these two photos have a deeper meaning. Sunsets remind me of falling and rising equation & hope. Bookclub is my biggest motivation to keep reading and maintaing my books.

What are some things that motivate you, infinitely? 

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Best of last link up - Farman shared this stunning sky shot, with mystical hues!

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  1. It's been a long time since I stopped by, Noor, hope you're doing well. :) Love this inspiration wall you created! :) Especially love the quote Beloved, Inspired and Determined. Also love the calligraphy pieces you created too, good job! :) Love how each piece on the inspiration wall has a story too, I'd love to the same for mine! Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day. :)

    The Happy Candle

  2. Dear Noor,
    Hats off to the Inspiration Wall. Your typography style is so simple and so beautiful. Haha, I hear all about Chuck Bass from my sister - a big time Gossip Girl fan. She's watching the season from the beginning for the second time. Do you already know who Gossip Girl is?

  3. You just inspired me to create my own inspirational wall as well! :)


  4. awesome wall art and cool photography.

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  5. I love the wall. If we ever meet, you have to make me a piece to put on my wall :)

    Corine x

  6. Awh Noor, you wall is such a beauty. I absolutely wanna do this too, but meh I'm too lazy LOL. But seriously, love love love this.


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