Break The Sterotypes

Last week, I attended an event of Parhlo. They are a new, viral content website that has been very popular in youngsters. I call it Pakistani buzzfeed. The topic of the evening was breaking stereotypes and empowering the youth. Huzzah! Too-my-type.
The trouble with society is that they don't want to pace forward, oftenly. While the elders of society keep the old traditions, the youngsters with warm blood and bright ideas try to move at a fast pace. It ends up as a conflict between two generations. I must say elders are right, they do have experience. They just shouldn't keep denying what youth has to offer in terms of modernism. If traditions would merge into modern ideas, a new contemporary society would be born. 

We all got to discuss a number of issues that the youth have to face in Pakistani society. These issues varied from education to general public problems. I realized the main problem out of all: the fear of speaking up.
We often don't say many things because 1) no one would trust us. 2) It's a taboo. But if it's bothering you, then it should be told. It should be solved. I consider it very simple, but it's not really simple for everyone. Though it should be. The burden of unspoken words is way too hard to bear. While all of us work to make society a better place with our actions, I hope it helps everyone to get rid of their fears, especially the one they can solve themselves.

 Anyways, it's a long debate. I can speak on and on. But the primary purpose of this post is to show off some cool photos I took. The event took place in Regent Plaza, Karachi. I had lots of fun photographing the sophisticated spots around.

 The scrumptious brunch and a fun goodie bag that included a t-hirt that says "Fasla rakhein warna beizzati ho jaye gi" (pure Pakistani insult)

So I wanted to reach out and ask all of you, what's the biggest stereotype you want to fix in your own society? Since I have readers from different countries, so it would be helpful to know how it all works in other parts of the world.

PS: It's not the sponsored content. I loved the event so I am posting about it.

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  1. The event sounds so cool! Gutted that I couldn't attend. x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. Ooooh sounds loads of fun!! :)
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  3. That sounds amazing!!

  4. There are many but I've found most of them are true but it could be due to a self-fulfilling prophecy. So it tends to just be a viscous cycle. If we focus on our own successes and ways to go against what others believe are "limitations" due to any external/cultural factors, then we'll do better towards fighting against stereotypes. Unfortunately, stereotypes is how the brain organizes the wealth of information it is presented every day. So the best thing to do is focus on you and empowering those around you when able. :) Have a great one Noor! -Iva


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