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Nature photography has always been my favorite theme, to contemplate different angels and present them in a way that all photographs look more subtle. I have been trying to add more minimalism into my photos. No matter if it’s a shot of my everyday tea cup, lush green scenery or even a selfie, it could always get better with a hint of minimalism. I decided to try some nature shots with the minimalistic angels and they turned out so well. I love to turn traditional methods into contemporary techniques. You know, where nature meets the modern photo ideas, this is what I tried doing over the past week.
Since I was having a resting week at my grands, away from college and city, the whole place offered a whole serene feeling for me to soak up. The first thing I spotted when I set out in the late afternoon, to explore the countryside, was this pile of chopped woods. There was a lot more on the way.
This red-colored stone looked so pretty. They were scattered around and I could see a million of them. 
It was so windy and cloudy and everything ending with a y. Almost. I was expecting rain, but it only drizzled. It didn't really matter since we don't even get to witness drizzle in Karachi on a regular basis so it seemed like a blessing, a small one, but still a blessing. And I'd like to behave like one grateful human being.
I cherish my city life, with all skyscrapers and loudly horns honking vehicles, but the serenity found outside the cities is very relaxing and I find it too necessary to explore, to lighten up my head after every once in a while. I am probably not alone in this. 

What is your favorite kind of photography?

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