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I've said this before, inspiration walls are my new favorite things. Long gone are those days when I would paste posters on my wall, mostly of my favorite singers. Things have been changed. I consider it old school now. To be a lot more progressive, I have been working on my inspirational wall for quite a while now. There have been three steps : 
1) Brainstorming on what you'd like to see every time you glance at your wall
2) Creating it
3) Place it somewhere you spend a lot of time 
I am over the step 1 & 2. Third step is yet to be done. My glorious wall hasn't been actually done yet. BUT, I do have some stuff that's going to be up there. Yippiee!
Even before I started making wall posters, I knew it was going to involve a lot of black ink and Blair Waldorf. Err, she's my new spirit animal. Actually, my only spirit animal so far and I don't feel like changing it anytime. I love her.
When there's progress, there are hurdles. I had my water bottle with me and it was uncapped. I don't know, something struck it and it poured ALL over my work sheets. It pretty much ruined half of the stuff. I was pretty devastated. But it didn't end here. While lettering with black ink, my hand stumbled over the ink pot and it also poured all around. But there wasn't a lot of stuff and it ended up on the pile of white sheets laying randomly.
 Just work space necessities. 
My work tools include these small bits of happiness, called chocolates otherwise ( I am not a sweets obsessed but it's good to chew on something while I work) and some of these pens. They're from Pelikan & Schneider. I used to be a pen hoarder back in high school. With a huge pen collection.
So it's pretty much everything I have done so far. By next week, I am sure my wall would be up and gleaming my room. More quotes and ink to be added. SOON YAH!
While I was digging through my old pieces, I found this zine that Areeba made for me. It's really special little document. It now rests with my important documents files.

What are you capturing or creating this week?

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  1. Try magazine clippings for inspo as well! I used to hang a picture of a girl with a nice body on my fridge to keep me from late night snacking LOL

  2. Great post hun!


  3. This is a great idea! I really want to know how it will look like! Also I absolutely loveee the one with "what would Blair Waldorf do" - It's the best part, haha.
    Have fun creating it, which I'm sure you are!
    Jade x

  4. Blair is definitely a great spirit animal - she's my favorite, too! I usually do my inspiration boards in my notebook and I include things like what I want to be years from now. You can also include some artsy crafts to make it more vintage-ish :)

    Mimi Gonzales | The Foxy Heroine

  5. I have always wanted to make my own inspiration board, but I haven't actually got the time to compile everything that inspires me because of all the school work. Thank you so much for sharing this post and the steps to create the board! They're really helpful. :) Those are pretty nice ink work too. Excited to see how the board turns out. Have a lovely day. :)

    The Happy Candle

  6. Oh wow, I have seen this just now. Thanks for the feature, Noor! :)



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