Same Tools, New Looks Challenge

I'm so excited to share this post. I had been thinking about doing a challenge sort of post but everything I came across was either too mainstream or too hard to handle. Ugh! So I started brainstorming and made my own. Same Tools, New Looks Challenge.
Basically, I'll use same makeup tools to make two different looks. Each will be different (yay!) so here's the first look I created.
The make up I am using :

1. Staring with the eyes, I did a slight cat eye with thick black strokes. Once it's done. Move on to next step.

2. Using white eye shadow as a highlighter. 
3. Just above the eye liner, add two thick strokes of golden & brown eye shadow, for a glittery cat eye.
4. Time to use the lip crayon. I love this shade because it was quite moisturizing and mildly pigmented, a fab choice for my lunch party look.
I was going for a casual family lunch so this look was my ideal pick. For the next look, I am thinking to do something formal, I haven't decided yet. But shimmery shades are my favorite so I will surely do something that require a lot of sparkle.

If you want to create the same look, just go to Born Pretty store* & get all the stuff mentioned above. Use code "NOOR10K31" for a 10% off. (I love discounts!!!)
Born Pretty Store

Can you describe your favorite casual look?

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  1. Looking beautiful love, awesome creativity! xoxo, Aditi


  2. MashaAllah! You look beautiful.

  3. I love glittery eyeshadows!
    You look so pretty, Noor! :)

    - Joyce | http://www.bitsofjoyce.com/

  4. You are so cute! Love the look!

    Melanie | WanderlustandSweets.com

  5. I love this idea, it's so creative! And I'm also really impressed with your makeup skills, they're much better than mine!


  6. Great idea hun! And thanks for the discount code!


  7. Beautiful look Noor! :) It's always fun to play with different makeup looks. :) I do that esp for work, more subdued ways to look awesome. Have a great one Noor! -Iva

  8. You're so gorgeous, I am in love with this makeup look :D

    Rebecca Coco


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