Poetry: July Edition

Today's Eid. Ramadan flew by in a whiz. I couldn't blog all week because: 95% of crappy internet service and 5% of my sleepiness developed during fasting. Yawn.
But I have been working on my poetry skills even more (yay!) , it was one of my new year resolutions to write a lot, as much as I can. I'll be publishing new poems every month. Let's see how far my collections can go.

"If I could tell you how our souls see,
You might like how beautiful our world could be,
There are imperfections and raw beauty,
That revolves around people like us and their glee,
Maybe we've stopped loving the things that set us free,
Or there's just an invisible boundary,
So just close your eyes and let the pain flee,
I hope it sets off your heart from the cage of worry."

"Diminish the pain of being all alone,
And say these words, as our voices combine,
"I'm still good after you're gone,
'cause the sky you look up to, is same as mine."

"You're what you choose to be, 
No matter if it's good or bad,
'cause in the end it's only you,
To lead a life happy or sad."

The poem "You" is actually an old one but I hadn't posted it on blog. To be honest, poetry is pretty self-explanatory. It only gives vibes out of your current mood. Either extremely amusing or extremely sad. Or nothing at all. It really depends.

Eid Mubarak people!  

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  1. Oh I absolutely ADORE the "Sky" poem. I haven't recently been writing poetry, but I do have quite a few stockpiled up on my phone from last month. Poetry is such a beautiful way of expresssing emotion.

    Peace&Love // Celestralite

  2. Ooooh the soul one is beautiful, they all are! I never read poetry except for yours of course and it reminds me how beautiful words can be x

  3. absolutely love these poems! I admire anyone who can create lovely poems and enjoy it - I'm a writer but have never been good at poetry

  4. I love this! I actually write a bit myself on deviantart. Do you have an account there?

    Corinne x

  5. Simple and amazing. These are the two words that came to my mind when I read your poems.
    Keep it up.

  6. amazing! Your words are just simply beautiful, Noor! <3

    - Joyce | http://bitsofjoyce.com/


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