To-Do for this week

This week has been hectic with all Ramadan fasting and executing my small tasks, which was a whole lot difficult because I am sleepy half of the time. Or most. I won't brag at all.
There are a few important things I am looking forward to complete by the end of this week.

1- Complete Diary of Anne Frank
I started it a while ago but I am only halfway through the book so far. I SO want to finish it already. I was busy finishing The Lake House by James Patterson earlier and it disappointed me so badly. I regret reading it over but it's quite hard to stop reading a book when you've started it. Diary of Anne Frank has been an interesting read so leaving it in a middle is kind of hard.

2- Draw a song
This is the start of my creative game, yeah!!! Drawing a song is so rad that I have got to try this. This idea sparked in my head when I was listening Robot by Miley Cyrus. This is the song I would love to draw. With its intense lyrics and amazing music, I could not find a better song for this purpose. Actually, I  love whole Can't Be Tamed album. It was one of the best music from 2010 charts.

3- Complete a poem
Surprisingly, I wrote two poems in past months *yay!* but I haven't published them anywhere. I've been thinking to release each month's edition of poems, which will keep me accountable to work on them. Poetry is the best way to express everything on my mind. Sometimes, way more than that. But  it can get pretty frustrating when I can't come up with what I want to write about. Writers block, argh!

4- Practice more calligraphy
Calligraphy calligraphy calligraphy, I have been filling pages in practice and I can't wait to pick some certain style and make it my signature one. It's really fun. I need a lot of motivation to ignite the fire but it's going to be worth it. Totally.

5- Work on my inspiration wall
Inspiration walls are my new favorite things. I am desperately in need of one, so I can keep adding pretty stuff to it and most importantly, take selfies with it. Well, I already do this with Areeba's creative wall but my own would be a lot nicer.
Quotes, reminders, sketches and goals will go to my inspiration wall, since these are my most favorite things.

6- Finish Gossip Girl season 2
I successfully finished GG season 1. I absolutely love this show and I am sorta hooked. With each episode, I am intrigued to see what happens next in Upper East Side. If you are / have been a Gossip Girl fan then you surely know the struggle and all liking and disliking the characters in this show. Duh.

What are you up to this week?
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  1. Oh, I like the draw a song idea! I've done something similar when I was younger but I haven't done much on it now a days. I always listen to music when I draw or paint though!

    My plans this week are to pack for a weekend trip, finish a book and return it to the library, and schedule a blog post!

    Peace & Love // Celestralite.com

  2. I tried to finish Diary of Anne Frank as well but I guess I got bored cuz I saw two versions of that movie already. Draw a song sounds fun!

  3. I love the Diary of Anne Frank and I've read it several times. I know the book isn't full of action, but the story behind the book, Anne's destiny is something that makes that book so touching.

  4. I actually read the Diary of Anne Frank in Advanced English, "When I was in high school." It was an excellent read! I need to look into these "inspiration Walls!" Lord knows I could use a lil! I am half tempted to "Draw a Song!" I've heard Areeba talking about doing that! Such a cool idea!

  5. Hmmm nothing much really. Just trying to save as much money as I can since next weekend is Independence Day and I need all the money I can !! lol I watched GG and I really liked it! I think the last seasons were a little boring but the first 2 are awesome!


  6. I have a list of things that I hope I will finish this week too. Nothing gives you more happiness than crossing something off of your 'To-Do' list :P
    Hope you get them done!

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change


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