Tech Love: Brainwavz s0 Earphones

I am so excited to write this post because I have something rad to review. The fabulous Brainwavz audio company sent me their s0 in-ear monitors to review. I am fond of trying new gadgets, especially everything music related.

They come in an admirable packaging. A hard box with product specification written inside and at the back. 
The box includes :
Brainwavz s0 in-ear plugs
Hard case 
Shirt clip
Comply foam tips
Extra silicone tips
Cable Tie

I have been using them with my iPod. The sound quality is great, actually I would use word fabulous (since it's the only word that shows my real exciting for anything pleasing). They're a real noise blocking product. Music in, noises out. I play music at a very loud volume and basic earphones fail to stop the sound leaking. But they impressed me when I was listening to a feasibly loud volume and it didn't leak ; aka didn't bother others who were in the same room with me. So 10 points to non-sound-leaking. You better read this in Professor McGonagall's voice.

These are the extra silicon tips, so many to choose from. You can choose your best fit. I am fine with the basic tip so far, but the sound is even more crisp in tri-flange. I will switch to it soon.

The fact that they're non-tangling due to the flat wire feature, I am completely relieved. I've lost multiple earpods as their delicate wires got all tangled up and broke. Ugh!

I've been using them for few days now. I totally love these earphones. They are for all those music junkies who love different music genres and want a single product for the same music quality for each. I've listened rock & roll , blues , indie , teen pop and others to test the bass and sound quality and they perfectly delivered each one.
Also, compatible with my girly sort of shots.
{ I have been using soundcloud for tuning in new music, follow along if you would like to freshen up your playlists a bit }

To sum it up, Brainwavz products really did justice with music. With clear and balanced sounds, I am their fan. If you're looking for a new pair, head to their site or check them out on Amazon.

Do you have any favorite music related gadget?

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