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My most favorite time of the year. If you're not familiar with it, it's a month in which Muslims fast and be thankful for everything they're given. Well, it's quite descriptive to explain but in short, Ramadan is a month of blessings.
Two fasts are already gone, as I write this post, the third one would end in 4 hours. Time is flying fast. I want to make the most of this month. The fast starts around 4:15AM and ends around 7:20 PM , though time varies and will decrease/increase with sun timings. I'm managing my schedule around the new timings and responsibilities this month comes with, I am hoping it will turn out well.

I haven't done an iGraphy link up post in ages, so this is the start, again to be exact. I've just removed # from this link up's name, IDK I felt there so many hashtags on my blog, hah! I have tons of photos to share on my blog, the rest of them will go to prettify my Instagram. Alright, I love instagrammin' . 
I was roaming around the city few days before and got to capture it in a more natural way. Karachi is always packed with traffic, especially downtown can never be completed without it. I always complain about how we got stuck in traffic and it wasted 10 minutes or more. Hashtag city life. But it hasn't got worse yet and I may or may not enjoy it for a small photography session. 

This place has got be my favorite. It's Bahadurabad's roundabout, a commercial area + very populated shopping street. Which makes it my absolute favorite, though it can be a nightmare with traffic. Phew. But it's always busy and full of life. This picture shows the half of food street and if you go a little further, the shopping street would start within two minutes of drive.
This store is right next to my favorite super market, it's a lot like what IKEA is for USA. 

I was looking outside and this skyscraper was displaying an advert on this huge screen, I can't remember which company it was but I was praising them for keeping me way from boredom since it was a red light at signal and I had nothing else to think about. But the marketing tactic was really cool. A lot like Newyork or Tokyo style. Yippee!

What have you been capturing thing week?

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  1. Oh man it's started already! Good luck with fasting during this month of Ramadan!! Have a great one Noor! -Iva

  2. Love the photos! I would love to join the #igraphy link up!

  3. You're getting pro at this, sis!


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