On The Progressive Side of Life

I've been wanting to shout this word out ever since my exams ended. God knows how long it will take to shrug off the exam blues and start the general life again. Perhaps I am too used to be like this, and guess what, I don't even enjoy this.
I have been on a writer's block, in a frustration lock, with a thousand words trapped inside my head, banging themselves around the thick walls of my brains and trying to get out. I wasn't letting them out though, not even on the notes I save on iPod. Bleh, it's hard to trap words. They wouldn't let you do that.
I wonder, if life wasn't about making progress, where thing would be so dull and boring. People wouldn't write or read, they wouldn't travel and the worst, they wouldn't socialize. There is a reason why humans are called social animals. I bet you see thousands of "I don't want to talk to people" or "I want to curl up and watch television for the rest of my life" posts on your social medias but is it really worth it? I know we all need some me-time after every once in a while but there's a lot more to life which your television series won't show you and after 40 years from now on, you'll despise the memories of not going out or not meeting some people you probably should have. There's always limits and it would be fabulous if you do everything within them.

Each life event brings a lot of lessons and a bunch of  should-haves , too. I want to make the most of it. Actually, I want to make the most of life. Do everything, bit by bit or step by step. But with progress. There's always this Perfection VS Progress battle out there. It confuses me. Should I go for the perfection? or the progress? The options are limited. But I am sticking to progress this time, for a little while. Since it seems the way to start. I hope to catch the perfection line soon, though it is probably too metaphorical and I'd be amused to realise that progress is actually perfection.

My current progress is all for reading. I have two books in to-read. The diary of Anne Frank and after that, I'll be reading Adultery by Paulo Coelho. My Goodreads challenge is 90% completed (YAS!) and I absolutely love this progress. I set it to 10 books, just not to get too caught up but I plan to read around 20. Yay!

What are your duh-need-progress activities?

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  1. Hi Noor, good lettering you have there. :) Great to hear that your exams are over, hope your results will turn out well. It's definitely better to choose progress over perfection. Perfection doesn't quite exist, even in the seemingly flawless things. Awesome job on your Goodreads challenge! :)

    The Happy Candle

  2. Happy freedom to the coolest babes:-)I am waiting for your thoughts on adultery.xx

  3. Look, who's back with that perfect words! How was your exams? Eco? ;)

  4. Congrats on completing exams!

    As for reading, with two young kids, I go through spurts as I have the time.

    I love the Diary of Anne Frank - read it several times. I've never read Paulo Coelho but hear that her earlier work is great - perhaps you can confirm. Right now I'm reading 1984 (again). My reading list is at the mercy of what my friends read - I borrow their Kobo books.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo


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