Hello, blog!

After a study break of almost 2 months or more, I am finally back to write on my place again. I've missed blogging, but it was a wise idea to focus on my studies on first hand. My freshmen year has finally ended. Err, sounds quite grown up. Though I still have one exam to give though it's quite unrelated since it's the one that got delayed due to a strike in city. Hashtag big city problems.

A lot has happened in past two months. Like:

- I am not a freshmen anymore. 

- My blog got a new design (so did the design site. Gosh, I have so many designs to show but that's for another post) 

- I love Math now. Well only math, this statement doesn't include geometry or algebra.

- Economics went so well unlike what I anticipated.

- My socializing game has been strong.

- I have almost finished my goodreads challenge.

- My current favorite show is Gossip Girl. WHOOPS!

- Teen Wolf airs in less than 10 days

- I'll be 18 in like two months (!!!!)

I have so many things planned to take my blog in new, artistic and fun direction. Thank you all for sticking by and reading even when it was dead. It's Friday today so expect an iGraphy link up  + #SocialBloggers Twitter chat.

As a small thank-you token, I'm giving away 2 ad spaces to my blog's readers. To enter, just comment below with your blog link and why you like to blog. I'll draw 2 bloggers randomly and notify them via email.

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  1. I'm so glad you're back the same time I got back to blogging. As much as I'd love an ad space I think there might be some indirect bias with choosing then hehe so I'm just here to conhratulate you on getting back on track. Cheers ♡

  2. Waw the new design looks so beautiful, and I'm happy that you're back hehe:) And I can't wait for Teen Wolf ;)

  3. Noor! I was just at your blog oh.. two days ago checking to see how long it had been since you posted. But I totally understand why you have been away. I've missed you! Honestly, I've been away too - for school. I finish in September after a two day licensing exam in Vancouver. Eeep.. excited to be almost done but nervous at all that I need to know by then!!

  4. I love the new look around here! It's funny, a lot of people that I follow have been taking breaks lately. Myself included. I am glad you are back though. Oh and I watched Gossip Girl a few years ago - I was obsessed!


  5. Nice layout and I am SO EXCITED for Teen Wolf :D

  6. I love Gossip Girl as well! I finished it a couple of days ago!
    Lovely blog design Noor x

  7. I am loving this pink!! I am sooooo behind on my Goodreads challenge since taking my month long vacation and now I'm starting to think I really can't finish 60 books this year :(

  8. Finally, you're back to blogland home. CAN'T WAIT FOR TEEN WOLF!

  9. Welcome back Noor! :) Glad your studies went well :) I LOVED Gossip Girl - man it was HUGE when it started ages ago. Blair Waldors and Chuck are my FAVE characters all the way through. What season are you on? I don't to spoil anything for you, Lol. :) Welcome back lovely and have a great weekend! -Iva

  10. I love love your new design noor. Pink is my weakness. :) I wanna join the ad space giveaway. I love to blog because I can express myself easily through writing, I wanna inspire others for what I write, and I love reading other blogs as well and gaining friends. :)


  11. It's so great to have you back :) So much has happened in the last two months for you - glad it has gone well. :) x

  12. You're finally back! Can't wait to read more posts from you again! :D

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change


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