Draw A Song - Robot By Miley Cyrus

Putting my sketch book in the best use, drawing a song was my main idea to kick off some creativity. I tossed it in my Weekly to-do list so it wouldn't get delayed. The basic idea of drawing a song is to exhibit what it made you think. Some songs are too metaphorical that you can't draw them by their lyrics but with what you feel when you listen them. While some of them are pretty much easy to be drawn, anywhere.
Can't Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus, a big hit of 2010, it's been my favorite album over the years. If I recall, I still remember all the lyrics from EACH song. I had bought a deluxe edition when it came out and it's still in my drawer. It's impossible to give away stuff that's too nostalgic in every way.

I chose to draw song Robot. It has intense music + lyrics. It's about someone who wants to get away from a certain situation because she feels so pressurized and bounded without her consent.

My initial idea was to draw a girl with a mask that kept her real self hidden. Or something robotic so it would match the title of the song. I tried  few designs but the output wasn't exactly what I needed. Time to switch.
After some brainstorming and listening the song all over again to get a more accurate idea, I realized it could have been about someone who knew who she was yet she couldn't be it. The world might see another person but deep inside, she knows who she actually is.

"I would scream 
But I'm just this hollow shell 
Waiting here, begging please, 
Set me free so I can feel."
"All this time I've been misled.
 There was nothing but cross-wires in my head, 
I've been taught to think that what I feel doesn't matter at all,
So you say it's real."

The silver robotic mask, it's only the half of her face. She has another side. The real full-of-life girl who's rebellious, has dyed hair tips in her favorite color and her body language screams what she feels.
"Stop trying to live my life for me,
I need to breathe I'm not your robot,
 Stop telling me I'm part of the big machine,
 I'm breaking free,
 Can't you see.
 I can love, I can speak ,
Without somebody else operating me.
 You gave me eyes and now I see
I'm not your robot, I'm just me"
It didn't take long to have it all done. 2 hours approximately. It includes jolting down all the ideas, arranging art supplies and photography.

This is the final product. I loved drawing this song. I will draw more. But this one has got to be the most special one since it's the first. All the first things in life are important.

If you could draw a song, which one would you choose to draw?

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  1. Noor this is such a cool idea!! I'd could totally get stuck into drawing my vision of songs and their lyrics - thanks for such a big inspiration :)
    Hope you're well!!


  2. drawing a song... wow. you're so creative! i'm going to try this because at times i feel myself writing too much of the same (mostly my feelings & "work"... womp, womp... lol), so it would be nice to break out of that. thanks noor! ;D

    ♥ | http://www.connect-the-cloths.com | xoxo

  3. I love what you did!
    If I were to draw a song it would be Bad Blood by Bastille or Cough Syrup by Young the Giant!

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

  4. Your work is really great! :) And this is such a nice exercise on creativity too. Looking forward to more of your works!


  5. This is amazing. I love how you interpreted the song.

  6. Awesome creativity skills! Your intreptation of the song is really good! If I were to draw a song it would be Run by Chasing Grace because it's one of my favourites :)

  7. Love this idea, it looks great!



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