Very Useless Updates

Welcome to the first post of useless updates. Areeba created this link up so we all can babble about different oh-not-so important things. I had been wanting to write a post myself and here it is. Currently, I am typing slowly in a peaceful room but my head is spinning around every other useless thing I've done in past week.

- My exams are only a month away. OMG WHAT DID I JUST TYPE?  and I am going to get on a strict schedule, starting from tomorrow.  Exams freak everyone out, I need to assure myself. It's gonna be a biggie big "college world" exam which synonyms to : not easy, you peasant.

- I just realized that tea is my cure. Cure for bad moods, sad faces. bad hair days and literally everything. Well, I realize that after every week or so. Nothing new tbh.

- Very sadly and badly, my iPod's charging cord was pulled and poor thing was broken. I can't blame anyone because it was ME who did that or should I say, under misfortunate circumstances, it was pulled to an extent where a damage was due. *coughs* I got a new one and it's blue and when plugged in, it blinks a smiley and a heart. BTW the smiley is so creepy and I am going to change it to Apple's sophisticated one as soon as I get the chance.

- I am missing Teen Wolf in my life. their new season is due in June and I can't wait already. You wouldn't believe I haven't finished Sherlock because it wasn't thaaaat exciting as everyone exaggerated (no offence, Sherlockedz) Whenever Areeba asks what season I am on, my reply is always the same " Oh man, my exams are so near. I am not supposed to watch some crap tv show okay?" Hah, I am clever.

- Someone please make me love Economic. I am trying myself.

- I am on vacationing mode. It means lazying around and stressing over my imaginary future career that's like 5 years ahead. Um, prolly this is the side effect of getting off college for a while.

What are some useless updates from your week?
Useless Updates

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  1. Useless updates? With that post title Noor dost thou thinkest not that thou undermineth thyself? :o) Me thinketh it wouldst be best if these type of posts were titled "Random Entry or Just Randomness" :) just sharing some tips to a younger sis in Islam no bad feelings sis :)

    Take care always, peace and wasalam from the Philippines :-)

    1. Sisters Noor and Areeba may Allah the Most Merciful make your exams easy. ameen. Study well :-) wasalam from the Philippines <3

    2. Thank you :) it's relating to the link up name unless I wouldn't really name it like that. I appreciate that, jazak Allah x

  2. I love your writing skills they are so much useful ,trust me babe:-)

  3. I'm cleaning out my closet in an hour or so, so that's definitely a very useless update, when very useless to me but yeah haha! ALSO girl, tea is the cure for everything, always! xo // Naomi in Wonderland

  4. haha. the smiley is kind of indeed creepy. My useless update is,I think I've seen all of the episodes of Catfish already

  5. Thanks so much for checking out and commenting on my blog! I love your blog and btw I am totally a Teen Wolf fan as well! We have been waiting way too long for the new season!! I would love if we followed each other on GFC! Following you now!


  6. I really love that nail color!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  7. I like the creepy charger!

    Corinne x

  8. I love your analysis of tea! I freaking love tea! All sorts of tea! Today I had green tea with a slice of ginger and now I'm having peppermint tea with a dash of sugar! Divine :) Definitely the cure for everything. High five.

    Make you love economics? Impossible.... but just think about your future and how awesome it will be when you finish it and get this epic career because you did well at it!?



  10. Good luck preparing for your exam lady!!! You may not love Economics right away but like with every topic in life, if you take the time to learn the foundation and truly grasp it - it will be easier to tolerate. :) Have a great one Noor! -Iva


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