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Welcome to #iGraphy - photography link up. Every Saturday, this link up invites bloggers and photography enthusiasts to share their creative photos on web. The aim of this link up is to focus on everyday objects or surrounding and take photos of everything you like and share it with the world. Photography isn't limited to huge fancy cameras but is a passion. So grab your point and shoot, iPhone or tablet and take wonderful photos to share with the world. Be an iGrapher!

This week's #iGraphy is all about mason jar shots since I am obsessed with it. I used to drink tea in my jar then I started drinking literally everything in it, hah! Let me count :
Bournvita (I always need a boost for intelligence alright)
(it's pretty much everything I drink)
 Except of these shots, which I am in love with, I probably have a lot to tell. My final year examinations are getting nearer as I lose myself in books and act like some chamber of commerce member. I got into routine of waking up early, working out, studying and managing blogging and blog designing. To be honest, I've been lazy in past months. Not really the general lazy person, I just didn't accomplish much. I need to do it.
 Ta-Da! Two additional cups shot. This one is my favorite kind of tea and the one below is green tea. Well, it's not me being health conscious or something, Amma Jaan just made me a cup a few days before. It wasn't really great in taste but I tried anyways. In the end, I decided I should just stick with my over-brewed-very-Pakistani kind of tea so it would be better. I am simply obsessed with knuckle rings these days. They're so hip. But again, who isn't obsessed with them? I could wear them all day , erryday.

Moving on to the work out issue, I have been trying different things but I haven't settled on a single method. This morning, I landed on Blogilates and I must say I'm in love with Cassey's work outs. I am probably going to start from tomorrow. If you've been working out with Blogilates or want to start out, do let me know about it.

How was your week? Anyone over-studying and living on tea?

By the way, from next week, I will be featuring a best shot or two from the linked posts . To show how well y'all are doing in this #iGraphy business. 

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  1. Lovely photos :) I love tea but I try not to drink it often!
    I love Blogilates, she's really fun and her videos make me want to work out, let me know how you get on with them :)

    Neeny x

  2. I need inspiration to hit me to participate in this link up as I use all the beautiful photos I take in my blog posts anyway!! You are such a dedicated tea-aholic! :D I also want to get myself a mason jar for so long now but I don't find them in local shops! Where'd you get yours? x

  3. I'm getting my next iGraphy post ready so I can link up earlier this week.

  4. Awesome photos Noor! I am waiting for the weather to truly warm up to fire up my camera and start learning how to use it. I'm definitely over-studying and loving it, taking an online neurobiology course and I am so in love with it! Have a great weekend Noor! -Iva

  5. I love mason jars and tea! Awesome photos and blog post! xx


  6. This looks fun! I will try this soon. Inshaallah. :)
    I love mason jars too. I keep on hoarding different kinds. :D

    - Joyce | http://www.bitsofjoyce.com/

  7. I want to go buy myself knuckle rings too!
    Btw, nice photos :)

    -Kathie K

  8. I have a Mason jar too but I want something with a straw and a handle. can't wait to purchase it! Love the rings!

  9. I'm a big fan of drinking out of a mason jar too!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  10. I've got mason jars but I've never had tea out of them!

    Corinne x


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