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1st March 2015, I went to attended Youth Festival, that was happening in Karachi Arts Council. If you remember , I had been talking about a local photography competition? It's the one. I had participated in photography and essay writing. My photography submission went successfully but the essay got delayed. I had forgot about it until last date came up and I ran around to have it submitted somehow but the team had already left college and I couldn't do anything about it. Sigh! So my essay didn't go ahead but my photo did.
I was utterly excited for this festival because :
1) I was participating in my first ever "pro" kind of event
2) It made me feel like a big kid for the first time, for my favorite hobby
3) It was plain fun
Me, Areeba and my college fellows planned to meet at Arts Council. The original plan was to attend the photography and theater workshop and proceed to photography gallery and just hang around for a bit. It worked out but I missed the photo show-casing part :(
Arts Council was crazily crowded. There were literally thousands of people attending this festival and I was glad I was able to see photography workshop before everyone got in, ha! I really need a bunch of photography inspiration. You know, there must be some fuel to ignite the creativity fire. I think so. It works for sure! There were two photographer and a camera trainer (I made this up because I can't remember who he was but he was telling DSLR specifications so I suppose he was some kind of trainer)

It was so festive. SO FESTIVE! You could tell that by buntings and posters and stuff.
This is how I looked. The flower crown was to indicate a festive look. Ya know, a hint of coachella or something.
My selfie stick kept betraying me. I had an iPod and an iPhone to connect with it but it was not even responding. Tired, I stopped trying and left it. It must have got mad on me for hating it and started working after a while. I will never understand these gadgets and tech stuff. They've been driving me crazy these days. E.G. chargers. BTW when I posted this photo online, I couldn't believe the number of compliments I got so THIS one is going to be framed. YO!
 The outfit details.
These pretty paintings were hanging inside the workshop area. Paintings amaze me. As being a person who is mastered in only stick cartoons, I can never praise them enough. The artistic senses of each painting is always so unique. Kudos, painters, kudos,

Theater was going on. I didn't have a lot of time to catch up with complete show. In fact, I couldn't see my photo in photography gallery because it wasn't being opened till 6PM and I had to leave earlier than that. But after that evening, Arts Council updated their twitter page and I was dead with joy to see my photo in arts council's gallery. Seriously, I still can't believe it's all real. I took a photo and it's now framed and hanging in my own city's photo gallery.  WOOHOO!!!
I waited all week to post about it in #iGraphy. It couldn't be more precise to share my photography adventure in this link up. Two pats on my back.

Do you attend any kind of festivals?

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  1. Oh, that seems like an exciting event! I do also love photography, such a great passion, By the way, your pics are awesome and your outfit is so cool and colorful! Have a nice day,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

  2. congratulations hun that's really cool :)

  3. I personally love these kind of events in Karachi.I love your head band and over all look.Great post honey:-)

  4. Such a lovely outfit! Congrats on the event!

    lots of love,

  5. That was a wonderful day!! I miss the food court tho

  6. Love your outfit, you look great in it :)

    Neeny x


  7. Congrats on the event and I loooove your outfit! <3


  8. Hey, I'm running late in my iGraphy. Saturday's gone! But I'll be linking my blog post as soon as I am done today. Youth festival looks intriguing. Did you attend Shahzad Roy's concert? I used to be a big fan of him when he'd introduced Zindagi Trust all new and fresh. I wonder what he's singing now.

    Visit me at http://www.theabbie.com

  9. I LOVE your outfit! You look so festive. :) Glad you had a great time, too!


  10. You are so gorgeous! This looks like so much fun!

    Mikayla | www.aseersuckerstateofmind.com

  11. I love your photos! what filtery type things to you use on them?

    Corinne x

  12. what a great idea, and you are so beautiful!

  13. I personally love attending these kind of events because it allows me to explore new ideas and get inspired by other people. Congrats on getting your photo exhibited!Do your very best in the future!The flower crown looks good on you. I want to participate in your #igraphy project because it look fun and I am fond of photography. Thanks for sharing this kind of project to all bloggers!Have a nice day!

    visit me @ http://typenblog.me/

    1. Same! You can always get inspiratiion in events like that. I still can't believe how my photo got there, but it certainly feels great.
      Yeah sure, join #iGraphy sometimes. I'd love to see your photography x

  14. MashaAllah what a beautiful shilvar kameez you are wearing younger sis in Islam I think you a la w assay s look so much prettier with the hijab especially Noor:) btw just wanted to ask if you have evertraveled to Saudi Arabia? I have stayed there for many years Alhamdulillah and have befriended many Pakistani and Indian sisters many of them very nice folks mashaAllah :)

    1. Thank you :) I've never been to Saudia but definitely have plans to go there , once in a lifetime or twice. For Hajj and Umrah ❤️

  15. Amazing!!! This looks like such a fun time.
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  16. Looks like everybody had fun! Lets talk about your outfit! Omg...green is my most favorite color! You look stunning! Love the hair piece! It's cute!

  17. You, guurl, look so so pretty. And that floral headband is so beautiful. Did you make it?

  18. I've seen those 'selfie sticks' you can buy, and they seem REALLY handy. Especially for my husband and I -- it's just the two of us right now, and often it can be awkward to try to get a picture of the two of us and get everything in the frame and not cut my chin off or my husbands forehead off. LOL! Oh yikes, listen to me....yeah, definitely first world problems :-P

  19. Omg I have to start out saying you are completely gorgeous and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit! Also I'm sorry your essay didn't get entered, but I'm happy for you about your photography :] And the photography workshop sounds so amazing, I'm jealous.

  20. Love your outfit and flower crown <3
    This sounds so much fun xD
    And it's so cool that your photo was framed and presented in the gallery :D


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