5 Things That Made My Week

Good ol' Friday is here, huzzah! My week days and weekends are now equal since college is ending and I am sure I could easily roll off my scheduled routine. Which isn't a good thing by the way. Coughs,
I couldn't blog ALL week. I was vacationing at my Khala (aunt)'s , playing with a dozen cats that happen to live with her. They were SO adorable. Me, as being a petless person, was too happy to be around them. I never had a chance to have a pet since my Amma Jaan (mom) is allergic and she isn't very pet friendly in general. So I guess you could understand my pain.

I am listing 5 things that absolutely made my week. Spoiler, it includes a good book, cats and blahblah.

1- Finishing Gone Girl
I am too honest with my Goodreads challenge this year. I took a challenge of completing 10 books in 2015. I usually read more than 10 but setting a goal certainly helps to track the progress in case I am trying to cheat with reading routine, ops! Gone Girl was on the top of my to-read list. Though it took me a little while to finish it, since it wasn't really an easy book. I thought I might leave it hanging and move to another book but out of curiosity, I finished it. In the middle, I was completely hooked and didn't regret reading it. Such a good book. I will review it on blog soon. Big wide grin.

2- Cats cats cats
My Instagram and Twitter was absolutely filled with adorable kittens past week. I couldn't help but share the adorableness all across the world wide web. See!

3- New Music
My playlist was old as stale bread and nearly ALL the songs were repeated thousands of time before I moved to new songs (oh and my ears could bleed if I played a song which was on repeat all week, one more time). I still think it's not enough and need to get on Spotify train ASAP but meanwhile, I'm digging old songs, others' playlists and more. If you have some cool songs on your playlist, share it with me. Pretty please.

4- Last days of college
My freshmen year is coming to an end. It sounds unreal!!!!! But it is a progress and I am SO glad it went by too well.  I tried to make the most of it. College life is unpredictable and fun than you think.

5- Make up tutorials
From fixing my winged eyeliner to basic eye shadows applying, I am watching YouTube videos to master some skills for an upcoming collaboration with a make up company. I am very basic when it comes to make up so I needed a pro kind of boost. YT is heaven of tutorials and those videos have been so helpful. If I end up being top make up artist of the country by next week, don't wonder okay?

What are some things that made your week (or day , ernn)?

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  1. Fun stuff! Congrats on completing your first year of college!


  2. I've just got Gone Girl and can't wait to read it!

    Rebecca Coco

  3. I wanted to read Gone Girl too, but I haven't had a chance yet
    That kitten looks so adorable!
    The main thing that made me happy this week is that yesterday was my last day at work
    I have 2 weeks holidays now!

    Neeny x


  4. I'm a crazy cat lady - I would be so sad if I was petless!! :(
    Noor I'm also doing the Goodreads challenge this year! I'm already 25% done on my goal of 20 books!
    I read Gone Girl last year - also did a review on it! Check it out if you want to:


    Oh if you watch the movie just know its SHITE in comparison to the book!! ;)

    Jelous of your new music! I got robbed and ALL my music was stolen :(

    Sounds like you had a stunning week Noor - hope the weekends treating you just as good



  5. The kiittteeeennnnnnn! So cute

    Gone Girl was GREAT also. I read the whole thing on vacation a few years ago and loved it!

  6. Gone Girl....SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I can't wait to hear your review!! And omg that little kitten! I'm in love!


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