The Progress Report

February is here. I am still trying to make myself write 2015 on date sheets instead of 2014. Is time flying or something? But I am glad it's fast. Albeit, not furious.
This year, my new year's resolutions are of serious kind. So I started working for them from the very start of January. Now when it's already few days of February, I thought I should make a report of how things have been going on. Some good / some bad.

Calligraphy / Art

I absolutely love calligraphy. I've tried some more styles and they've been a good choice. The good thing is that it's something I had never ever tried before. I always thought brushes weren't for me. Glad to be wrong, haha!

Sometimes, they turn out great. Sometimes, I spot an epic fail. Fails are fun, believe me! I found an old brush from Areeba's art treasure and a pot of black ink to start with. The brush was kind of crap (I couldn't steal your good one, Areeba) I suppose this is how things should start. For free.

Working Out
Work outs, yasss!!! Being a newbie in this fitness game, I started with 8 minute challenges. It's been few days with squats and lateral lunges. I wasn't sure how to start but once you find a way, there's no turning back.
My legs started hurting  B A D after two days of exercises. It freaked me out (I honestly thought I was never going to walk again) but I found out it was just muscle sore. I strictly dislike the sound of it. But it's getting better as it's getting in routine.
I'm currently using P4P 8 minute challenge. I'll switch to some more when I get the hold of it. To be honest, it's a great feeling to finally pull off the most important resolution. I haven't been completely faithful in fitness game because of this sore muscles thing. It's saddening *insert the saddest emoji Apple hasn't even invented yet*


Photography is going well. Perhaps more than that. I made a hashtag #KarachiThroughMyLens on Instagram and created a link up #iGraphy so it's been a goal-well-achieved so far.
I was talking to my class fellows this morning and we ended up talking about photography. They told me they adored my Karachi photography series so much. It was amazing to hear it since I thought it was never getting any attention. So, woohooo!!!


Studies are going well. I didn't miss any single lecture (intentionally) so my concepts are pretty clear. I am afraid I don't like Economics enough to pay extra attention, which is something really important and I SHOULD start working on it, anyhow. Oh man!
I have been loving Math. It's so positive to realize. I don't know why I hated it at first place, back in high school. I watched a TED talk on Fibonacci numbers + Math and the presenter made the most stupid Math terms look fine and fun. It really depends on how you're learning things, they can either be fun or bum.

A Better Person
It's my main goal to be a better person. Without knowing how to do it. There's one thing I know for sure that a better person is kind and helpful and doesn't lie. I've been trying to incorporate it all in everything I do. It's the easiest and the hardest thing to do. At some points, you can't really let people take advantage of your kindness because they will try to do it. Whatever happens, I'd be trying even harder to take it all along.
Except of it all, there's a lot much going on. 2015 started with some BOOM-BASH-DOOM and I can't wait to be a part of a lot new things that are yet to come.

What's the most important to do for you, these days?
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  1. You're handwriting is SO beautiful! You do calligraphy very well. :-)

    Funny you should mention working out -- that's a new years resolution of mine as well. I mainly run on the treadmill till my legs fall off and then do crunches and squats. Oh my word, the couple days after I started this routine my legs were hurting SO badly! But, thankful, I've started getting used to it and they're not AS sore. Though still pretty sore :-P

    Katie // From My Vanity

  2. Your calligraphy is great! Way better than any sloppy attempts I've made! I think it's great you're keeping up with the majority of the things you had planned for 2014... Uh I mean 2015 ;) Clearly I'm still having that issue as well!


  3. I love your calligraphy so far! It's so pretty. I got super into it when I was abroad... but since I've been home I've been way to busy to devote time to it. I want to keep getting better! It sounds like you're doing a great job of keeping up with your goals!

  4. I love the report! It sounds like you are accomplishing a ton!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  5. Love vising your Blog! very comforting :)
    Red Alice

  6. Hahahaha I feel you on the sore muscles Noor! My arms were in so much agony from crossfit that I swear I thought I'd broken them! I literally couldn't MOVE!!
    8 min challenges are great! At crossfit we do 7min challenges and I die... like literally DIE. Hahaha good luck with yours and keep up the good work!!

    PS I also adore calligraphy but have never been able to do it! Been thinking about buying one of the sets that teaches you and gives you all the equipment for it. Some are really reasonably priced!


  7. Love you progress babe,i usually do 15 minutes work out every day.your calligraphy is inspiring .

  8. You're doing fantastic! I'm killing it this year too, so far! Most important things to me = blogging and fitness. Good luck with your goals. :)

    Corinne x

  9. I just try to keep on top of my blog and am working to stay on the topics of focus. Also working on progressing more in my career and taking some courses. Bit by bit we can accomplish great things! :) Have fun with your tasks Noor! Have a great one -Iva

  10. Calligraphy is something I'd like to learn! Yours looks great :)
    I keep writing 2014 on things too! Oops!


  11. You calligraphy is gorgeous! And I know what you mean about the working out thing, but I personally love the sore muscles feeling haha.

  12. It's good to keep track of progress on new year's resolutions. Most people don't stick to it after a month, and you must be a very determined person to have kept track of your goals. :) It's great that you're practicing calligraphy, practice makes perfect. :) I also noticed your lovely Arabic/Jawi writing of your name on the top of the paper in the third picture. :) That's a lovely photo of lights and the plant too. And studies can definitely be more interesting if we look at the subjects more positively. Have a lovely day. :)


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