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Past week hasn't been the brightest, as for my gadgets. My laptop's screen got cracked and it took forever to be repaired. As if it wasn't enough, my iPod's charging cord got malfunctioned. It was the third one that betrayed me (in a very technical manner) . All these tech-tragedies completely broke my heart. I couldn't even blog and I missed an #iGraphy post. S for sad.
B.U.T I am back this week and have a tons of pretty photos I took all around the city. I was working to get a photo to be submitted in a local photography competition but in between, I had a chance to take other amazing photos.
Let me help you explore roads of Karachi a little. 
None of these photos were taken still, yeah I was travelling but kept taking photos of locations I found capturing worthy. The weather was amazing. A little sunny + a little cloudy.

I wish I could have captured the details of that truck. Though it isn't even slightly as decorated as other trucks that happen to be in Karachi but still, it was huge and had funny phrases written on it. By funny I mean, cheesy romantic.
I took this photo as we crossed a bridge and it turned out to be a perfect candid. YAS A CANDID! I have never been so good at this whole candid photography game but I am eager to learn, I guess.
More buildings. These buildings are actually residential apartment buildings but they looked so rustic and retro. We were in the middle of a slight traffic jam on a bridge and I had a very little time to capture the whole scene.
Cadbury is great at putting their adverts all around the city, sarcasm intended. This bill board, well not exactly a bill board, was HUGE. But it looked pretty anyways.

It's always a great idea to re-look every small detail about your city. It makes me feel like a tourist (isn't it a good get away huh?) I bet you'll always find a new thing if you keep looking carefully among all every-day places or things.

Out of my serious photographer kind of spirit, I must report that college has been going great. Amazing, to be exact, The freshmen year is coming to an end and I am happy to call it a successful one. I don't hate math anymore, in fact I've been solving a lot on my own. Economics is still a pain, but only Micro Economics, I quite like Macro. It involves real life matters unlike Micro that keeps everything on scales and slopes and graphs that I hate the most. Yeah, that's the exact problem.

The highlight of my little photography world is that I got my first ever , professionally done , framed photo. It's for the same competition I've been talking about. So, a big huzzzzzaaahhhh for me!

Let's move forward to the link up. What were you up to in past week?

L I N K  U P 

Rules : 
The aim of this link up is to focus on everyday objects or surrounding and take photos of everything you like and share it with the world. 
Photography isn't limited to huge fancy cameras but is a passion. So grab your point and shoot, iPhone or tablet and take wonderful photos to share with the world. Be an iGrapher! 
Follow your host , that's me. 
Add a link back to this link up or grab a button to add in your post. 
Visit at least one blog in this link up and appreciate the iGrapher in them.
#iGraphy - A Photography link up

For those who aren't bloggers + people who share creative photos on some other social media outlets rather than blogs (like Flickr / Instgram / Tumblr) can add their links with us in this link list below.

PS : #socialbloggers chat on twitter will happen tonight. 6-7PM UK time and 11-12pm PK time. Join me and so many other bloggers on Twitter to talk about different blogging things and get inspired.
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  1. <3 lovely post really heart warming :)
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  2. Haha, Noor, I'm sorry but you have the WORST look with technology!

    Corinne x

  3. I really love these pictures!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. These photos are so pretty! And a little sunny & a little cloudy really is the best weather ;)


    1. Thanks Jessica! I am in love with this weather (though it's given me a sore throat)
      Noor's Place

  5. These photos are so pretty! And a little sunny & a little cloudy really is the best weather ;)


  6. Ah! Mera Karachi! Old memories came flooding back to me! I am going to be doing the #iGraphy also!

    1. I didn't know you were a fellow Karachitie. Karachi , Karachi hay :') I would love to have you in #iGraphy , girl!

  7. Love the photos,some thing close to my heart:-)

  8. Beautiful photos!

    Follow my adventures!

  9. Wonderful photos Noor :) Glad you were able to take some nice snapshots while there. Hope all your techie problems go away soon - they are quite devastating when they occur. Take Care -Iva

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Nice pictures! That iGraphy idea is great! Might be doing it soon :)) Btw, I followed you on bloglovin', care to follow me too?

    1. Thank you & It would be great to have you in #iGraphy :) I will check out your blog.

  12. Absolutely amazing pics and post....
    I follow you now and hope you will follow me back via gfc.

  13. Ah you have wonderful photos!!! :) And I love the #iGraphy idea. I don't know if I can post my photos tho, since they are extra crappy. Hehe.


  14. Your very talented Noor! Hazzzzzzzahhhhhh for you about the comp!!! That's so exciting!! Framed and up somewhere standing proud I hope!!!
    Congrats girlie!!

    No I have never been to Pakistan but if I ever do make a turn there I will be sure to pop you an email okay!? Would love to meet you!! I'll get there one day.. I'll get everywhere one day :) xxxx


  15. I really need to create an iGraphy blog post so that I can link up with you here!
    Are your linkups weekly?

  16. These pictures are STUNNING. I love everything you post for this link up. And I'm happy to see more of Karachi!


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