#iGraphy - A Photography Link Up

There's one thing , blog related, I've been trying to work out. It's photography. As much as I love seeing pretty photos, equally , I love taking some. There are so many ways and ideas and tools to make things exciting for photography and often, it doesn't require huge cameras and fancy lighting but some passion and effort.
In last night's #socialbloggers chat, a lot of bloggers wanted to make their photography even better, as in their 2015 commitments. I was glad to know I wasn't the one who wanted to focus on it as well. So I went ahead to execute my long-planned idea for a photography link-up. YAS! A real link up to showcase everyday photos.

The idea behind this link up is simple. I wanted to share my (somehow) artistic photos that I wouldn't be sharing in general, either on blog or instagram. Not because they weren't special, but because they didn't properly fit. Lack of spark or lack of good ol' caption. Those taken with my iPod or Galaxy, edited with some photography app and still locked in my camera roll.

Now, I want to do a weekly link up where you and me, will be sharing photos taken from our smart phone cameras (or even DSLRs, I won't mind) with either a story or not. To appreciate the little unspoken moments happened to be caught on camera.
Apart from your blog, if you share cool & creative photos somewhere else like Flicker / Instagram or Tumblr , I'll add a non-blog place in link up as well. So all non-bloggers can join as well. YAY!

So that's the main plan. Actually, I was looking for joining Karachi Youth Festival photography competition that will happen in March and they had this theme "Karachi Through the Lens" , though I am still figuring out whether I should do it or not? but at least it sparked me some idea to start a photography spree in general. Wink.
Then, I started a hashtag #KarachiThroughMyLens on instagram with a pretty Karachi traffic photo (by the way, if you're in Karachi and instagramming cool stuff, you should contribute) to make it a thing. Could someone please pray that my iPod doesn't get stolen again and I keep my spirit alive? Albeit, I can tell I'd invest in something else except of an iPod if something like that ever happens in future again. Boom boom.
The name I-Graphy came from a thought. Like " I do take photos from a non professional camera. Doesn't it make me a photographer already? I am an I-grapher."

Join me on every Saturday with some pretty photos + cool bloggers (it sounds very official now. Doesn't it?) I am SO excited to pull it off , finally! I hope you'll join me. Whoops!

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  1. This looks like a great idea! I'd love to join in on the link up ^^

  2. Why does people always have nice instagram pictures? I suck!

  3. I-graphy! How clever. Great idea for a link up lil lady!

  4. An I-grapher.. brilliant :)

    Lately my Instagram has been getting way more likes than normal and it is such a nice feeling! Like 18-20 per pic!! Might not seem like much but to me I'm super happy!! :)

    Love this idea!


  5. I love this!! I have so many pictures on my phone that I don't do anything with, I guess they're useful now :]

  6. This looks like a really cool concept! I love it!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  7. I'm the same the same as Marla - my poor phone is SO full of photos and I really have been thinking about moving them onto my laptop for more space! Thanks for this awesome idea!!!


  8. It's gonna be so fun. Can't wait for the first one!!!


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