A Busy Kind Of Week - #iGraphy Link Up

Here we go again, 2nd post of #iGraphy. My week has been completely filled with academic activities, studies and a tad bit of family time. Assessments and final examinations are getting near and shiz is gonna get real. Like, very real.

But first, let's move on to the link up. YASSS!!!!

I just bought this cute M&M iPod case and it's the cutest thing evaaaa! I kept looking for some cool ipod cases but they usually didn't fit my taste well. Then this buddy caught my eye. It was red (remember, my color of the year)

O is for oreo. Oh and also for orange juice. I am not the healthiest person alive on earth so my midnight snacks include biscuits and a mason jar filled with tang. Nomnomnom!

I wrote a letter for the victims of Peshawar attack victims. It wasn't exactly a letter but a condolence note. My college announced a letter collection is honor for Peshawar attack victims and we were supposed to write anything for them. So I chose to write a simply condolence note. Someone is going to read it there and I hope it makes their day.

If you know me, you must be aware of my selfies obsession skills. I got myself a selfie stick for this very purpose. 70% of my camera roll consists of selfies. This stick is surely gonna boost that rate somehow.
The joy on our faces was to show case a free period. Nothing beats a good ol' free class, betcha!

Now, it's me , trying to get all creative with photography and filling the rest of my camera roll with artistic photos. Weather was a mixture of sunny skies + shattered clouds and it wasn't even cold. Seems like it's the time to say bye to winters in Karachi. A part of me wants it to stay but the other wants summer. I think summer part is far more appealing.

How was your week? Got anything to share in #iGraphy link up? Happy VDay y'all!!!!

L I N K  U P 

Rules : 
The aim of this link up is to focus on everyday objects or surrounding and take photos of everything you like and share it with the world. 
Photography isn't limited to huge fancy cameras but is a passion. So grab your point and shoot, iPhone or tablet and take wonderful photos to share with the world. Be an iGrapher! 
Follow your host , that's me. 
Add a link back to this link up or grab a button to add in your post. 
Visit at least one blog in this link up and appreciate the iGrapher in them.
#iGraphy - A Photography link up

For those who aren't bloggers + people who share creative photos on some other social media outlets rather than blogs (like Flickr / Instgram / Tumblr) can add their links with us in this link list below. 

PS : #socialbloggers chat on twitter will happen tonight. 6-7PM UK time and 11-12pm PK time. Join in for some creative blogging discussions.
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  1. Your iPod case is so so cute!! <3 Oreo and Tang together? Say whaaat?! :D Congrats on getting the selfie stick! ^_^

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. I almost bought a selfie stick yesterday! ALMOST!

    Corinne x

  3. Cute iPod case! I need to get a new one for my phone!
    Happy Valentine's Day :)


  4. I love this! Looks like you had a full week!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  5. Oreo and tang?not my taste bud but you look so cute and real in selfies,xx


  7. Cute case :) Oreos and orange juice....I'll try it and see!
    Lovely photos


  8. Look at you and Areeba, with these fun new LinkUps!
    I haven't visited you guys in a long time, so I decided to swing by tonight to see what you're both up to. Now on my list of To-Do's...iGraphy blog post and Useless Updates blog post! For sure!

  9. I know how obsessed you are with your ipod, so I think the case was an EPIC investment! It's so cute to top it off!! :)


  10. wow, nice sharing


  11. i have a selfie stick but i don't know how to use it! your selfie game is very strong and i am jealous :)

    1. You should use it, try with silly faces , lol!

  12. The case is so cute and love the color so bold! xD
    And about the victims of Peshawar attack, it's just so sad :(


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