5 Things I Need To Do Right Now

Out of my grieve-mode right now, I want to shriek in excitement to see my blog again! As unfortunate as it sounds, my laptop decided to break its screen, leaving me hanging with confused tears-filled eyes and head-scratching hands because I had A LOT work to do and so many files on it. Well, it's back after like 5 days or something and I have been working on it since then. Exclude the tiring day at college, I am so in mood of complaining that if I start, there'd be no stop button.
But most importantly, it's friday night and no college tomorrow, so I will be doing errrrything that's fun. Including writing this post and overeating midnight snacks.
There are quite a lot of things I needed to do in past week but they somehow got left behind (aka I don't want to be blamed for leaving some very important things that I shouldn't have. Eeek!) and I need to do them ASAP.

Completing Accounts Homework
Accounting is such an interesting thing, mostly. I love sitting in class and chat over how beneficial it is . And fun (which isn't really the truth) Anyways, I left like 5 questions that will take a lot of space on my neat white notebook. Last night, I was doing a question and I stuck at a point where difference in values was only 100 and I couldn't find it anyhow. If you're acquainted with accounting, balances on both sides need to be balanced and a minor difference can be a pain to figure out. I had the not-really-pleasure of knowing this pain. It's still not resolved yet and I probably need to pick it up and resolve again.

Finish reading a book
I am reading a Secret Seven book right now. They all remind me of my childhood as I happened to be the detective kind of kid. It's a teeny tiny book with cute illustrations. Oh and I slipped it off from my 7 year old cousin's book collection since my own collection is terrifying me at this point.  With 400 pages books. I need to finish it first so I can move on to a more big girl kind of book.

Manage my stuff
My wardrobe is a mess. So is my study. So is nearly everything I am responsible of managing. I don't know why this week was so busy. Actually, I was too busy in college events and studies that my own room was neglected for an eternity. I need to manage, I need to manage.

Back to social media
I couldn't believe my own self when I saw my last tweet was 3 days ago. I don't know, I was probably too upset for my laptop that I didn't even use my iPod for any social media except of Instagram (I love insta) I am going to be back there. How can one even live without some good social media time? The teenage spirit in me needs to be stopped, probably!

Write a poem or two
I haven't written a single poem in February. Which is pretty sad. I have some topics that could be used well in poetry but my mind is far too busy to think on it. Seriously mind dude, it's completely unfair.

In these ramblings, I would love to tell you all that Her Campus Blogger Network featured me on their blogger spotlight page. It's an honor (yay!!!)

What are some important things you need to do right now (and you're just procrastinating)?

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  1. I need to do laundry, wash the dishes, and head out for an appointment, but I'm a huge slacker so what can you do.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Finishing my taxes and updating my blog. Baby steps, I don't think I ever finish updating my blog haha :) I'm also on call this week so just trying to survive. Have a great weekend Noor and good luck finishing everything on your list! -Iva

  3. AHH! I am glad your laptop is up again! This happened to me before I invested in a mac and my old laptop is sitting right next to me, and I have been wanting to hook it on a tv screen & grab all my old files and then recycle the laptop. I need to work on a few projects I started but haven't had the chance to continue working on it. Your post motivated me to get working on it again! <3

    Amna Khan
    Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

  4. I have a loot to do buuut procrastination is mah thing :) lol


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