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When I have no inspiration left and I feel like a empty slumped balloon, I go to my most favorite inspirations sites including we heart it, Pinterest and Tumblr.
But I have a few issues with them. Pinterest is for purrrrfects or wanna be purrrfects (including me alright) , Tumblr is amazing but half of the time, I feel like seeing suicide notes from beautiful blue eyed teens who still need to learn about life or drugs spilled on floors which turns out to be rather creepier than one can anticipate. We Heart It is about fandoms and all the glitters of life. I always come across some fanfics that are too good to be real.
No matter whatever happens, they're still my main source of unnecessary information about literally everything on Planet Earth.
From all of those sites, I love Pinterest most. Though it's been a while since I actually jumped in to check all the latest trends but I keep going to Pinterest time after time. Well, just to sneak out tips on how to make a good looking hair style in 2 minutes. My own traits can be horrific, on my own. That's for record if I'm ever late for a party.

I love trying new hair styles. Cutting the fact that they turn out the opposite of every tutorial, I never really give up. Currently, I am loving dip dyes, loose curls , messy buns and braids. I've pin-saved almost every new trend I have seen. Now, let me gather some real tough strength to actually get my hands on doing them all.

Well, it's supposed to be everything-that-catches-my-eyes but I decently propose it as "oh it's just something I may or may not love" mirror aviators, statement necklaces and braids and everything in between. I like glam with simplicity. Oh and coloring my hair as well. Though I've always used temporary colors.

Quotes are like free fuel for creativity. I'd always write my own quotes, design some graphics on it and bury them under thousands of other files in my folders. Or I'd search and pin so many all at once.
I love collecting new quotes, no matter where do they come from. And Pinterest is a literal heaven of it.
Except of these boards, I have a tons others, too. Check them all on my profile which seems pretty organized at the moment.

What are you pinning right now?

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  1. waw I loved the "Love note to entrepreneurs" one :) I needed it. Oh I saw Danielle's picture from Ten Wolf on your crush pictures, that's a preeetty good choice ;) I like you haha

  2. Love the quotes! And the pink dip-dyed hair is beautiful, I've always wanted to be able to pull that off!

  3. I love Pinterest! :D I spend waaaaaay too much time there and I pin almost everything that attracts me, home decoration, flowers, wedding, clothes, hair and blogposts. I couldn't live without Pinterest anymore :D

  4. I love that flower crown!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  5. I pin a lot of nerdy brain stuff and makeup stuff, also home stuff :) Love the accessories, so cute! :) Can't wait for Spring that's when I like busting out with my cute accessories - right now I rock the same two necklaces my bf gave me :) Happy Monday Noor! -Iva

  6. Same here babe ,they are gorgeous:)

  7. love pinterest for inspiration. and love that lavender braid!

  8. Let's see.. okay, yes. I love those ombre/highlighted hairstyles. They are SO pretty. I love the buns - messy, curly, whatever. Except, my hair is too short for even a ponytail. *sigh* I love the quotes, especially "all of me loves all of you". Yeah I think I'll dedicate to all the amazing fictional characters I've ever fall in love with. Ah. Right now, I'm busy deleting and redoing my pin boards because they are a complete mess. Haha!

  9. Pinterest is a perfect place to find more quotes for inspiration. I like pinning things for the home too. Love the quotes you pin on your board, they're really colourful. :)

  10. Pinterest also helps to inspire me Noor! Love your latest pins! Especially the ombre red hair! Actually all the hairstyles are gorgeous - obsessed with hair tooooooo! :D


  11. Omg that first hair one is GORGEOUS! I love her flower crown and curls! And good for you trying to complete the tutorials...I pin tons of stuff and never go back and actually try anything haha.

  12. Pintastic! I so so wanna make these hair style. :(


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