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I can't be claimed as a movie junkie but once in a while, I completely become a movies addict. Just because I had 12 extra days of vacations, I watched a lot of movies. And I thought, "well I could even write about it." I suppose it will make me feel like a IMDb specialist, so I will give it a shot. Writing a good or bad movie review will surely help me letting out the unspoken gossip I wanted to babble, anyways.

// Beautiful Creature

I watched it at a sleepover. It had been a while since I watched a fantasy fiction kind of thing and when everyone chose it for the movie night, I knew it must be something special.
It's about a girl Lena, who's from a witch family. Or nearly like that. She, herself, doesn't want to be a witch. They have a tradition that if someone believes in being good, they don't turn bad as witches. She also meets a guy, Ethan, who's human, having a unknown past. They fall in love, fight a lot of misfortunes and finally have a happy end.
It's a lot better than what I just described. Beautiful Creatures is definitely a great movie. Wonderful mystic/fantasy fiction.
Rate : 8/10

// Boyhood

Boyhood is an amazing piece of work, because it was filmed with the same cast for 12 years. It shows the growing up of a boy , along with his sister. How they grew up, spent their days, went to school. ALL IN REAL TIME. You could see everyone growing up, getting older. It was so real.
I was eager to watch it. Seriously, I was. But it didn't turn out how I felt about it. The movie was a lot boring, before and after interval. At some points, I felt like I was spying on someone from a CCTV camera and they all were boring. I completed it in two days.

Rate : 4/10 (I am sure filmmakers put a lot efforts but it could be a good documentary-like instead of a movie)

// Pirates Of the Caribbean

Before I had even watched it, I just thought it was a creepy, fighting-kind-of movie that involved Britishers and Pirates of old age. But gladly, it wasn't what I thought. Yay!
It's a fantasy movie, in a series. I have watched 2 parts of it already. 2 more to go.
The plot is based on a clever pirate, Jack Sparrow, who's a famous enough to get his warrants out from British Army.
He wants to get his ship Black Pearl back from his previous mates, who are now cursed from a treasure they stole. Though it's the plot of the first movie. There's a lot more going on in other movies of the series. Like a lot of other characters and their stories and they ALL make a wonderful film. It's hard to describe it all.
Rate : 10/10 LOVE IT (though it can be creepy with skeletons and stuff)

// Forrest Gump

I am still unsure how I felt about this movie. Good or bad, good or bad?
Forest Gump, is a man. Who had a simple life, at least he spent his life very simply. He worked hard, became a football star, got into Army, spent days in Vietnam, started a business, became a millionaire , loved a girl SO much who was her childhood bestie. He married her , when she was about to die.
Yeah, this movie went on like this. He also ran for 3 years because he felt like running. For years. This movie is narrated by Forset Gump himself and he was so funny. I think I enjoyed it a lot, a lot to re-watch it maybe.
Rate: 9/10

What are some movies you watched recently?

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  1. Ughhh I was really excited when I saw Boyhood on your list, because it sounds so interesting! But then you gave it a 4/10 and now i'm like oh. okay. maybe not. BUT OH MY GOSH. PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN. Forever and Always. I never get tired of the story! Have you seen Exodus? I watched it over the holidays, and even wrote a little post on it! The cinematography was amazing!

  2. I wanted to watch Boyhood because I've seen so many people talk about it but considering your rating, I guess I'll just pass. I recently watched Exodus, Annie, and American Sniper. They were all good movies with American Sniper being my fav.


  3. I can't wait to see Boyhood! Forrest Gump is a classic. I love it always. Pirates is garbage, but it's that really great kind of garbage I love and can't stop watching. And I absolutely loved Beautiful Creatures. I thought it was super underrated.

  4. I don't like boyhood.Do watch bare foot you would love it:-)

  5. I loved boyhood! It was such a cool concept for a movie!!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  6. Oh, Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my forever favorites! That great adventure.. sweet dreams. I would love to be one. You will love the 3!! And I have never watched Forest Gump, though. It is classical and everybody says is so great, just haven't got the time! Thanks for sharing your opinion! With love,


  7. With Beautiful Creatures, I think there was more drama to come between Lena and Ethan since it's part of a series. But thinking that they ended up together seems for a satisfying ending since it won't be getting a squeal!

  8. lovely reviews dear :) thank you so much for sharing it dear

  9. The idea of the movie "Boyhood' sounds very interesting.
    Someone else told me that it was very boring to watch, it was like watching someone else's home video.
    I've watched a couple of movies that were shoot the same way and didn't like them at all.
    I've seen the trailer of Boyhood and it looked good but I don't know. I think I might give it a shot.
    Maybe if they filmed it like normal movies, it wouldn't look so boring. But I guess they wanted to make it look real.

  10. Forest Gump is always a classic :) I love Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp is sexy. I love the Guardians of the Galaxy that came out last summer, if you haven't watched it it is REALLY good! :) Happy Hump Day Noor! Take Care -Iva

  11. I've watched all of these films except Boyhood - it's on my to watch list :) also, you should read Beautiful Creatures - it's so so so much better than the film, they change some of the characters for the film that the book has, check it out :) Run Forest Run! X

  12. I've only heard of Beautiful Creatures and Pirates of The Carribean, never really seen the rest. And my sister actually read Beautiful Creatures and she says the book seems more interesting than the film. :) She was telling me about the book and she said she didn't actually imagine their Southern accent while reading it too, haha.

  13. Forest Gump is a classic. I loved it when I first saw it many many years ago and I still love it. I've probably seen it.. over 20 times!
    Boyhood was interesting and I was definitely into the fact that the characters were growing up, how the music was dated to the appropriate times and even how technology changes were quite obvious. But I think without that aspect to the film.. the realness and the showing of time actually passing, the movie may have been too boring for me. However, I did like it.. I loved seeing them grow and I enjoyed the different hardships he and his family lived through.

  14. I have to check out Boyhood. It sounds very interesting. Also, Forrest Gump will always be one of my favourites.


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