Holla New Year (+ a link up)

Here we are , all set and great in 2015 already. I hope y'all had a great NYE  and so many plans/resolutions for new year, which you'd actually complete.

My NYE went pretty typical ; all curled in up comforter, watching a movie. Mainly because we had it celebrated a day before. On 30th. Yeah I know it's pretty unusual but where I wanted to have it celebrated, at the sea side, it could be S O crowded on NYE. So we went a day earlier. To celebrate some old victories and new beginning *insert an almost emotional emoji here*

So my night before NYE, or whatever I could call it, though legitimately NBNYE (hah! that sounds funny) was dedicated to family time. I can never grow out of being a family person. No matter how many years will pass by.

Karachi is freezing these days. Literally. So sea was casually blowing ice-cold breezes and I wanted to wrap myself some fluffy comforter which was, surely , not around. Well that way I'd have to give up food which was impossible.

I had jalapeno pasta , that I explain as never a wrong choice because pasta & chilies, are my two loves. I think all photos turned out crappier than I thought. Because they had dim lights in our cabin (that I may or may not appreciate) and my selfies looked like poster of some Ouija board movie.

Sea is my absolutely favorite place. It has always been. Though I was dying of cold and stuff , but still stopping by the shore was the best thing I could at least do in my way of celebration. How funny us humans are, we try to find happiness in the smallest gesture around but act miserable when something bigger happens, it happens to me only I guess. I hope 2015 changes this habit of mine. Bad, baaad thing.

Restaurant : Charcoal , Do Darya

On 31st evening, I scribbled down pages & pages for the sake of 2015 plans. Which song to choose? Which color to set? Whatever to do? I decided on these :

Song for 2015 : A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay
I love this song. I just do. It has got moving vibes, I like the lack of lyrics in it. It's puuuurrrrfect for being the song for my whole year.

Aim for 2015: Writing
Yazzz!!! I will be writing more and more. Even writing my economics assignment right now. Though this is something which I usually don't prefer doing.

Color for 2015: Red
Red is something I picked to show some grown-up style I'm determined to show. Show off for my own self. Like "You don't go for pink anymore. You're not 13 anymore." Huzzah! It will keep reminding me of Taylor Swift's song Red , which was supposed to be my song for 2015 but I just ditched it. Too heartbreaking lyrics I guess.

Main goal : To be better than you were
Yes! I need to learn a lot, improve a lot and turn it all in the beautiful mess of life. Isn't it how life goes on? Always learning. So I am going to be better & a lot better in 2k15. I hope. Wink.

How was your new year? Did you celebrate?
L I N K   U P   T I M E
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Holla! new year (a link up)

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I hope you had wonderful New Year!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  2. Happy 2015! And can i just say that jalapeño pasta sounds delicious! x

  3. Happy 2015 Noor! I hope this year brings you all the happiness and excitement you deserve. Cheers!

  4. hollllaaaa! happy new year Noor! xxo

  5. I'm not a big fan of pasta but oh, that jalapeno pasta looks so delish! I certainly love the goal to be better. I hope you and Areeba have an aca-amazing 2015. <3

  6. Happy new year!pasta looks inviting and i love the place too.

  7. I agree Karachi has been unbelievable with all that chilly weather this time! :/ I loathe winters! >_<

    I hope and pray that you achieve all your goals dear! Happy New Year! :) xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  8. Iwould love to try both dishes ,thankyou so much for the recommendation honey,xx

  9. Happy New Year Noor :) inshallah this one will be even better than 2014 for you and your family <3
    Thank you for the comment on my last post, you're so sweet
    Take care <3

  10. That's a smart idea, celebrating beforehand. (Also pasta + chilies? A girl after my own heart). I can't think of a better way to spend the new year than seaside with family and friends.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  11. I love the fact that you made your own NYE and AT the beach :) That's awesome Noor - when the world zigs we should zag :D hehe

    I've been listening to that Coldplay song a lot of the radio lately - it is beautiful and filled with hope.

    Ah happy new year Noor! Hope its a goodie for you xxx


  12. happy new year!! great chat tonight. I'm looking forward to following your blog this year!! I want to write more, I'm not much of a writer but I can try! :)


  13. Happy New Year girl! Totally love red! And of course always writing! What a grand idea! By the seaside! Beautiful. Hope your New Year is Wonderful!

  14. Noor, happy new year! ♥

    -Kathie K


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