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It's been a while since I wrote about little and random things. Like, a big big while. I will do it now. Wide grin.
College is started back after an extended winter break. To be honest, I missed it a lot. There were days when I hated the thought of going to college for the first time and now I don't even want to miss a single day. Except of a few subjects that I may or may not like.
I was indirectly talking about Economics.
On Wednesday, I had a test and I totally forgot about it. I worked on an assignment on same test in winter break so I had some acquaintance of what it would be about.  I went to attend the class and when I realized I had to give Economics' test, I nearly freaked out. "Should I go and tell teacher I am not interested in test?" or "Oh hi there, I forgot about the test. Haha!"
Neither was an option.
When teacher had written down all questions, I squinted my eyes to see the questions. There was a hard question and all others were rather easy. SHE GAVE A CHOICE. And I, very happily, left the hard one on choice and did the rest on my own. Believe me, I thought I could never pass the test but god bless the winter break test, I passed it. Never mind, the topic was Money. Different theories about it and some equations I would never be interest in.

I revamped nearly all of my blog pages. About me page was so old, A Twin life page lacked a lot info and my contact page was a baaaaasic. They're pretty good now.

I am working on some new poems. A yay moment. It had been a while since I wanted to write something. Perhaps some insecurities held me back or I just couldn't fit the perfect words or perfect occasions. But while scrolling through my quora feed, I read some answers on poetry topic. A 58 years old poet shared his views how he kept writing crap (yeah he said that) and after a lot of practice, he nailed the poetry game. It made me realize we never actually need a perfect occasion to do a certain thing. Our actions determine the importance of moment or event, it could be nothing at all or everything at once. I like this philosophical thing about being a poet or something.
I can't believe my own words when I call myself a writer or a poet. Opss!

New Year's resolution list has been hit hard. I am already half way another book of Dan Brown, doing a bit of work out and writing things down. Oh and also creating some art pieces as well. I have finally stopped saying "I am not an art person" because it's not truth. Every person in this whole wide world is an art person. In one way or another. So yeah yeah, I am also an art person , in a very different way.

So it was my teeny tiny update. How was your week?
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  1. That photo though.. so autumnal! <3 Glad that you nailed the test against all odds! ;) I don't want to go back to uni. There's not even a single day that I miss it! I love my bed and laptop way too much to leave house any more!! :D :P xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. Ohhh economics.. I'll have to take that class eventually. I haven't taken it since high school, so that'll be an interesting venture. My week has been good! I started my second semester yesterday and it seems like my classes are pretty good!


  3. I'm not a fan of Economics, hahah. Your updated blog pages look great. :) Can't wait to read your poems as well. And you're right - everyone's an 'art' person and everyone has different expressions of creativity too. :)

  4. Love that photo - so lovely and well taken. :) I've been up to lots of little things- lots of revamping up the pike for my little site too so very excited and working hard to make sure it is done properly. A very productive new year! Good luck with your economics class! Happy Friday Noor -Iva

  5. Great Read! Good to know that you killed your eco-nemy again! :D

  6. Woo you've been busy! And that's amazing about the test, what luck :]

  7. Congratulations on passing that test - what a relief! You've been so busy! Love this little catch up :) xx


  8. congrats for passing your test :D
    My inter-semester break has just started.
    I've finally had time to be creative. I'm planning on reading a couple of books, drawing, and doing some DIY projects.
    I think everyone is an artist. It's just that we don't all have the same style, and have a different perspective.

    Looking forward to read your poems and see your art work :)

  9. Guurrlll.. your photos are getting prettier and prettier everyday. I can totally see Steve Jobs smirking there for such amazing photos. Now, now. My college just reopened and we already have our pre-finals in Feb. To top it off, we haven't even completed our syllabus. That is SO good. I just check your About Me and A Twin's Life page. AWW MAN, I'm having all this feels. So emosh and beautiful. <3

  10. You are too cute noor :* Wana follow each other doll? Do let me know!

  11. Such a pretty picture!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  12. You're a poet -- so cool! And I like all of your revamped pages. Very professional, clean, and informative :-)

    Katie // From My Vanity

  13. sounds like college is going great for you - hope this semester is great for you!

  14. What a perfect post to come back to your blog to. Lovely to catch up with whats been going on in your life!
    Urgh.... economics..... shudder. Hate it.

    I'm glad you're still going through with your resolutions.. mine have been an absolute nightmare hahahaha but I'll get there one day - we all will xxx


  15. I just checked out your about page and it looks good! I need to re-do mine... I keep forgetting. ugh.
    and I agree, I think everyone is an art person!



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