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Hello everyone, I am taking a day off from college and plan on nothing else but a relaxed day including a bit of homework (business math and principle of commerce duhh) and some creative work.
This week has been so exciting. I am glad to be back in student form again, getting ready for final examinations that are supposed to be in the end of April and try to get the shiz together. Well, that's not an easy task altogether.
I am sharing the most exciting bits from my week today. This kind of bright and happy posts really make me happy to write especially when they have something to do with pretty photos, teehee!

I got a new iPod touch 5, since my last one was stolen. If you don't know the sad story, you should go and read it. I love it already and my iPodography spirit is back in action again. It's a silver colored iPod , same as my previous one and I've named it Podi-Podi II. Honestly, I make everyone call it with its name.
Areeba : Noor, pass me your iPod.
Me: Call it with its name.
Areeba: It has an embarrassing name.
Me: If you want it, call it with its name,
Areeba: UGGHHH!!! Okay, please pass me the glorious Mr Podi-Podi.
Me: There you go *hands her ipod*

I got red dip dyes. Exactly like those I used to see at Pinterest and Tumblr. I wanted red hair since forever. THEY'RE SO PRETTY OMGG. The best thing is that they're mine.
I was so worried about the turn out. The color we decided on was magic blonde + garnet red. My hair were plain brown and there were chances it wouldn't look as pretty as I anticipated.
But...when....they...were....done.....they looked well, oh more than just well.
Albeit, they're also putting me in awkward situations.
Like, I was innocently sitting in class, glancing at my nearly-done accounting assignment, just then my teacher came up to me and asked "what's up with your hair?" I answered "umm they're dyed." She seemed amused. Or that's what I assume.
A college fellow was standing beside me, she looked at me and asked "what did you do with your hair?" Believe me, I wanted to say I PUT THEM ON STOVE AND BURNED THEM but being mannered, I told her I got them dyed. Phew! Life is never easy, with red or brown hair.

This beautiful view outside the college auditorium. 
College has been fun, yeah including all the studies and stuff. I am probably not the best person who studies all around the year BUT the crammer one who does everything at the end of the year. I am trying to get rid of this bad habit by putting reminders , making schedule and making things fine but it's a pressurized trait I might not be able to take easily. But don't we all need to get out of the comfort zone and kick it off at least for once? I am doing it and I'm not afraid if I fail, I will get hold of this organizing thing someday. Someday.

I wrote a new poem and named it Truth. This poem speaks so well to me, and people around me.

I originally published it on my Ask.fm when an anonymous questioner asked me to post a poem. I was wondering how should I post my poems, post them in whole posts or post them on social media only? I am still confused about publishing them but for now, I will keep writing and posting randomly whenever I have chance. I'll be putting new one on instagram, so be sure you follow me.

This is my week in a nutshell. Yo! Do not forget to join #socialbloggers chat on Twitter tonight , 6-7 PM UK time & 11-12PM Karachi time.

How was your week?

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  1. Your hair <3 I'm planning to dye my hair red this year :3

    Diane | Vincristine

  2. I thought I was weird for naming my laptop haha
    but now I guess it's normal haha, podi-podi sounds so cute though xD
    Your hair looks amazing :'D
    I also want to dye my hair red, but I'm afraid it'll turn it too dark, because my hair is originally
    jet black, and once I dyed it with the lightest color possible, yet my hair color changed only a bit, you can barely notice it </3
    Plus, it damaged my hair so much, so I'm afraid to dye it again
    Now, I'm thinking about using an alternative like hair chalk!
    Hopefully, it'll work.

  3. I love your hair! It looks good on you :-) And I really like the sayings you wrote -- so beautiful! You have a talent!

    Katie // From My Vanity

  4. I love the pictures! looks like a great week!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  5. I love your red hair!
    I had mine dip-dyed in the past but it faded super quick and not worth paying soooo much for! I need to start getting comfortable doing dyes at home, haha. Save much more money.

  6. I love your new hair! :) --

  7. Mubarak for Podi-Podi and oh for this red hair again, they look so lovely! As already said this poem is so true and natural! Good to go! :)

  8. red hairs suits you alot ,perfect time for a red dye!Love your writing skills,i am proud .Keep rocking young lady:-)

  9. Haha, I love that you made Aree call it by it's name. Woo for iPod :)

    Corinne x

  10. Your hair looks cute! Red is always a fun color and it's easier to start with just a little bit than your whole head.


  11. Awwwww I haven't had an iPod in YEARS... seriously miss mine!!!
    Now that I have a Macbook Pro it would be so useful!Bwahaha Mr. Podi Podi! Love it.

    Also so glad you finally did the red dip dye!! Looks AMAZING Noor!!

    Your quote is gorgeous too - so talented you are xxx


  12. haha! Mr. Podi Podi, that conversation gave me a laugh! Red hair is cool! That's bold of you to pull that off

  13. You hair looks SO amazing! And that's absolutely hilarious about making Areeba use the iPod's embarrassing name hahah I was literally lol ing.

  14. I have such a love for red hair! In fact, you may have just inspired me to dip dye my own!!! Thank you Noor!

    What music is on your iPod? You should make a playlist for us! I think that would be such a fun post.


  15. Love the red tips! :) A new phone is always fun hehe :) As you know my birthday was yesterday ( thank you for the well wishes btw ) and it was a GREAT week! Lots of love from all my friends and family so I'm a happy gal. :) The BIG 2-8 :) It'll be a great year! Take Care and have fun wtih college Noor! -Iva

  16. Your conversation with Areeba is really funny and cute! :) The photograph of your school looks really great, the skies are so bright and clear. The poem you wrote was lovely as well. :)


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