Weekend Playlist

In my whole busy week, I only get one day off college , work and stuff and that's an innocent Sunday. I may or may not start complaining about being grown up or what but I'd rather writing about some pretty catchy songs instead. Huzzaaahhh!
I need to admit, my music searching skills are pretty sick these days. I would just listen to anything which is currently being played because c'mon, it would take centuries to dig through music libraries and sort some songs out matching my taste. Too hard to handle. Sad face. SAD.
Since it was weekend already aka lotsa free time on my hands, I went straight to set new music for a week. Though I am sure this one would stay on repeat for a week or two.

// At Home : I wasn't familiar with Crystal Fighters band until I listened this song in Teen Wolf season 2 and dayuuumm, I was hooked. I kept playing it until my ears fed up and begged to change it. It's a sweet and determined song. I absolutely love it.

// Shower : Becky G is an emerging artist. A teen artist, basically. My best friend recommended this song (see also : MADE ME LISTEN)  and it was rather funny because of lyrics. Such a teen-ish song.

// Pop Danthology 2013: It's a mash up of a year's best songs. 2013 was the year of some of my ultimate favorite songs. Oh also the year when dearest Miley Cyrus went wild.

// Red : Taylor Swift can never go wrong with lyrics. Aye. I LOVELOVELOVE this song. Lyrics, music and Taylor Swift. Could I un-like something? Nope.

// Steal my girl : believe me or not, it's probably the sweetest song from One Direction. Some people I know, who absolutely loathed 1D, loved this song. Wutt even? it's really that cute
"errrybody wanna steal my gurrrl" Okay they sing like that, actually.

What are some songs you're loving these days? Share with me x

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